Funny oneshots!

We all hate that toad Dolores Umbridge, right? And we all want to see her get what she deserves? Well read this story to find out what happens when the Weasley twins come up with a prank to give that kitty loving old toad exactly what she's asking for! Also you can suggest a character to prank in the next chapter!


4. Peter Pettigrew!


A/N Marauder's era. Suggested by AnnabethLestrange :)


It was double potions class and a very boring one too, for the last hour they had been writing an essay on hair colour potion.

"Prongs, pass this note on." Said a bored Sirius.

James looked at the note and laughed. It was a drawing of Peter Pettigrew! 

After a few more minutes of writing the essay they were allowed to make the potion.

"Let's put some frogs in PP's one..." Whispered James.

"What prank are we doing on Snivellus?" Peter asked curiously.

"Yeah... Snivellus..." Sirius held in laughter.

When it was finally time to test out the potion on a strand of your hair, Peter was called up to demonstrate in front of the class.

"Now you dip a bit of your hair in..." Slughorn instructed.

Peter Pettigrew dipped a strand of his hair in the potion, but instead of turning a normal colour, it went bright green and spread onto this whole face.

The rest of the marauders were almost falling of their chairs laughing as Peter started to shrink and shrink. He was a frog!

"You weren't meant to put frogs in the potion!" Slughorn told off the frog which was now hopping around the classroom.


The end... Hope you liked! :) 

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