Funny oneshots!

We all hate that toad Dolores Umbridge, right? And we all want to see her get what she deserves? Well read this story to find out what happens when the Weasley twins come up with a prank to give that kitty loving old toad exactly what she's asking for! Also you can suggest a character to prank in the next chapter!


5. Pansy Parkinson


A/N suggested by Nostopreader:D, Lunallamabrain and Takeover Lion! Also thanks for everyone's comments :)


Pranking was a tradition for the Weasley twins, but recently they hadn't found anyone worth pranking! It was the second day back at Hogwarts and of course, the Weasley twins had packed all their bags with jokes and pranks to pull.

I woke up to find the Weasley twins looking through their bags for the perfect idea.

"Nah, not Filch again..." Sighed Fred.

"Snape?" George asked.

"Nope... You know how he was last time!" Fred shuddered remembering the six week detention he got after putting worms in Snape's drink.

"I have an idea..." I suggested, I knew the perfect person to prank!


Pansy Parkinson sat at the Slytherin table gossiping about whoever she could think of. 

"I can't believe anyone can deal with that Harry, Ron and Hermione... I mean really? They hang out with HAGRID!" Pansy complained.

"When should I do the spell?" Fred asked.

"Wait a minute. She's looking..." George warned his brother.

"Wingardium Leviosa." Fred whispered as Pansy turned her head. Suddenly the pug faced Slytherin started to float into the air, as her friends wondered what was going on.

"GET ME DOWN! NOW!" Pansy screamed.

"Sure..." Smirked Fred, waving his wand as she fell head first into a bowl of spaghetti .

Pansy started to slide along the table, taking all the food with her when finally she reached a huge cake that she went right through. 

"Oopsy daisy!" Said George.

Pansy was now rolled up in table cloth and covered in various foods at the end of the Slytherin table..

"Anyone for cake?" Asked Fred suddenly, even George didn't know what he was talking about, until a giant cake fell down from the ceiling.

Even Dumbledore was laughing and the Weasley twins high fived. 

"I guess you could call this a sticky situation..." Fred grinned.



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