Funny oneshots!

We all hate that toad Dolores Umbridge, right? And we all want to see her get what she deserves? Well read this story to find out what happens when the Weasley twins come up with a prank to give that kitty loving old toad exactly what she's asking for! Also you can suggest a character to prank in the next chapter!


3. Molly Weasley!


A/N set after the war but Fred is alive :D Suggested by AnnabethLestrange


"I am very happy to announce... That Bill will be the daddy of a new Weasley!" Molly told the excited family and friends who had gathered for a special announcement. Fleur and Bill were having their first kid!

Everyone gave Molly a round of applause before she began an emotional, inspirational speech.


Earlier that day...


"Fred? Have you got the fish?" Asked George.

"Yup! And you've got the eggs under control?" Fred questioned with a wide grin spreading across his face.

"I sure have..!" George replied excitedly.

"Now all we need is the cauldron!" Fred ran up to their room and returned with a bright orange cauldron with the word 'Weasley' engraved on the front.

Fred and George held their noses as they tipped in the ingredients. The potion started to go a horrible, slimy green colour and bubbled.



Back to the speech...


"And we will be ever so happy to welcome a brand new Weasley int-" Molly's words were cut off by a wave of potion splashing over her, knocking into the cake she had baked for Bill and Fleur!

"Teehee!" George squeaked, knowing what kind of punishment he would get as Molly spurted out random words.

"Let's just use our usual excuse... It was an accident!" Fred chuckled while everyone else was laughing, even Bill and Fleur stifled a giggle at the whole scene!


The end,




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