The Shield

Meet Jess Jones ( if that is even her name). She is a very rare witch who has the special power of the shield. she can deflect any Unforgivable Curse which is shot at her. a very handy power if you ask me. What happens when she becomes torn between to sides and must make the biggest decision of her life.


1. The Orphanage

My name is Jess Jones and I have the fantastic life of being stuck in a Orphanage, if you can even call it that. It's more like a prison where I'm stuck in a tiny room all day, every day with a toilet sink cupboard and bed. It's not much, but it's what i now call a home. It's not fair being stuck in some 'cell' all the time just because I'm considered 'dangerous' and most people are too scared to even go near me. Sure i may have made a few things happen like, blow up a fellow orphan, or set fire to a table but nothing too serious. They were all mistakes anyway, it's not as if i meant anything like that to happen. I just become angry and loose control. I've never even had a visitor because people are afraid that I'll turn them to stone or something if i look them in the eye and stuff like that. This is why i got the shock of my life when there was a knock on my 'cell' door and a voice said " Jess, there's someone here to see you".



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