Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


7. You r so perfect

Kelly's P.O.V

I cannot believe that Liam actually waiting for me in front of my house.I hope those good things happen to me everyday.But it's not gonna to be happen anyways.But Liam took me to the restaurnat at the Palm Street.My friends called me that they will arrived there in any minute and they were on their way.I knew who like who between my friends.I know that and in my thoughts "Ashley likes Niall,Holly likes Zayn,I like Liam,Lily likes Louis and Britiney likes Harry."I am so happy and i don't wanna go to school.I need to because semester 1 is coming in a month and i need to get good grades.But until I met Liam i've changed.I think i like him a lot and i don't wanna get this day to end.
*When all of the friends arrived*
Hey guys i'm so happy to see you.Louis teased me again that "Kelly why are you alone with Liam before we come."You should tell me.I said "Louis!Seriously!Stop joking me it's kinda boring me and Liam didn't happen.

Louis's P.O.V

Kelly is nice to tease.And i can't stop teasing.But my mouth keep teasing her but on my mind i was still thinking about the girl that i have met at the party.And i hope it was one of Kelly's friend.But when i was joking Kelly and i suddenly heard the voice behind my back and i knew that voice.I have heard that voice at the party.That voice said that "Shut up Louis leave Kelly alone.You're annoying.I turned around and said "Excuse me"with a sarcasm voice and asked "Do i know you?"After the end of the question,Kelly said "Louis this is Lily she's my friend i think you probarply know her.And she told Lily that "This is Louis i hope you know him too."I said "Yeah i know you.You are the girl from the party right.How did you get here."She said that "Well Kelly's my BFF so why are you still here."I answered "Liam my best buddy so i'm here for him if he need me."Liam interupped and said "Guys Guys ordered your food and let's eat it's nearly school time.So we all ordered and the food arrived.We eat as fast as we can and we pay our bill together and we went to school.

*On the way*

Niall's P.O.V

I'm so happy cause i can go back to school.I'm finally healthy back again.And i stared at Ashely and she is actually looking at me and i like her too.I'm gonna tell her that i'm in love with her after the first semester.I'm so excited but first of all education no time for girls.I will think after the first semester.But the thing is i can't get her out of my mind.I think i'm truly in love with her.She is the sweetest thing.She care other's feeling and thoughts.But Liam said I think i'm in love with Kelly cause everytime i see her my heart started beating faster than ever and i feel so comfortable talking or hanging around with her.Harry said so did i too cause my crush was on Britney.Zayn said mine was Holly and Louis said i think i'm in love with Ashley she is the cutest thing that's ever happen to me i hope she likes me too.But Louis asked me and said "What about you Harry?"I said for me i was on

*At School*

Harry's P.O.V

I don't wanna go to school.I am still looking for the girl who i have met accidentally.And i have found the girl and her name was Britney which i called her Britt.She is the cutest thing that happen to me.I think i'm in love with her.While i was thinking about her Niall knocked my head and said "Dude what are you thinking about?"I said nothing but he said again by sarcasm and said "Don't think too much you will get more blondie hair.Liam said "Dudes i don't think i have time to think about Kelly cause my semester is coming in two weeks so i have to study so he took out his books and lying on the couch.He started to open History note book and he started studying.And Louis joked that "Dude you are a brainac."I said to Louis don't joked him.This time he is really trying hard on my thoughts.Liam heard everything we say and he got up from the couch and said "Dudes i think i'm going home cause it would be a better place to study and it's almost midnight so i have to go home now.See you around guys.And he went home.Take care all of my buddies Harry he said to me.So all of my friends went home and i did the same thing that Liam had done.But i still can't study well so i went to bed and i slept.

*Next Morning*

Zayn's P.O.V

I wasn't feeling good this morning i think i'm having a headache cause i stay up late and study.Eventhough i tried hard to study i still can't study well all i need is a little interest in my lessons i thought about myself.So i brushed my teeth,washed my face,comb my hair and jeled with it.I changed my clothes and went downstairs to have a breakfast.I don't have much time for eating breakfast so i had a oatmeal.And i took a bus and when i got school today wasn't my lucky day.When i put first stepped into school but with any luck i got hit with principal and he wasn't in the good mood so he scold me and said that he would meet me in his office right now.So did Holly too.When i got there,she was there too so i asked what was she doing here and she had the same problem as mine too.I said to her that "I missing so many classes right now cause of i got hit with principal.But without any more luck continuing,principal heard about our converstation and he said that we are gonna stay in school over many hours after school and he make us to go back to our classes.

To be continued...........

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