Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


9. Study date

Kelly's P.O.V

Liam is kinda funny.Today he was so excited about our study date and when he heard the bell ring he went to the door and went outside the class.But lucky teacher pulled him over and said "Mister where are you going?Class isn't over yet.You need to stay in class or dentention room mister."He said "I rather stay in the room sir."So he sit down and put his head down.I think he is so sxcited about our study date together tonight at his place.I am kinda nervous too cause it's our first time spending time alone together.The breakfast we had at a restaurant at Palm Street wasn't alone.And when i was thinking about that,the school bell rings and the school is finally over.BUt i heard Zayn and Holly moaring cause they have to go to the principal office after school.I think they didn't want to but they made a cute couple.Louis said to me "Hey Kelly i heard that you are spending time together with Liam tonight at his house.I wish you good luck with that cause i know what it feels like."Liam said "Dude seriously shut up."And he threw some books at Louis but Louis moved away so he missed it.And i pulled Liam's arm until we got outside of school property and we headed to his house.And while we were walking to Liam's house we heard some footsteps that was following us.So we turned around and looked at that person.I was so surprised.It was Louis and Lily.I was so amazed and i asked what are you guys doing here?They said we also had a study date together.Lily knows that i don't know how to put my interest on studying.So she give me an advice so i agreed with her so we went to her place to study."I joked Louis by saying "Looks like somebody got a date."Louis said with blush Kelly stop it you are making me blush."I said again "You are blushing cause you like Lily isn't it true."He said "Yeah it's true.You guys know that i can't keep a secret."I said "Louis i'm so sorry."He said "Kelly i know you are joking cause i joked you but the truth is I love Lily."I was freaked out and so did Liam too cause Louis never told anything like this way before.And Liam said "Lily you also in love with Louis too right."She said "Yeah the truth is i love you Louis."So Louis grabbed her waist and he kissed her.Me and Liam walked away and we got to Liam's house.We left all the way long cause we leave Louis and Lily making out all by themselves.

*At Liam's House*

Liam's P.O.V

I was so excited that Kelly finally come over to my place and study with me.I have to take an interest in my lessons.I asked Kelly "Do you wanna sit down?"She sit down and i asked her what she wanted.I asked "Kelly do you want any drinks?Water or juice!"She answered back "I will just have a juice please cause i'm so thirsty and i don't wanna drink water cause i have already drink enough."I brought her a glass of juice and she tooked out her books and i started to study.I wasn't in my room.I was at living room sitting on the couch together with Kelly but not close enough.I took out my books and we started study.And Kelly said "I'm cold."Liam said "Come over me so i hugged her."She said with blushing on her cheek that "Liam stop it.We have to study remember."Liam said "Don't worry.We have plenty of time."And she pushed away me and smiling by herself.I looked at her and i cannot control myself to tell her the truth.I said her "Kelly please don't be mad at me when i tell you this.I really like you and i am always me when i'm with you.I love you Kelly.Do you love me?"Kelly said "Liam you don't know how happy i'm now.Of course i do i love you so much more than you think."I took her chin up and i was gonna kiss her but the phone rings too loud so i have to answer it.

*On the phone*

Zayn's P.O.V

I was at dentention class.The teacher who gives us dentention didn't come so we are all by ourselves.The principal locked the door up and said "You are not leaving until it's 4 o'clock.And i looked up the clock and it was only 3 o'clock so i am thinking that we are stucking here for another hour.How bad is it?So i called Liam and tell him how's he going.And he said "Dude do you mind?"And i said guess what me and Holly are a couple now.We have kissed and make out already.She really loves me and she told me everytime.He answered back "Guess what Louis and Lily are a couple too.They made such a cute and adroable couple.They are charming."I told him back that "Me and Holly are a good looking couple too."I will tell you the story that how did me and Holly become couple.The story goes like this."When the school is over,everybody left me and Holly went to dentention class.We were sitting for thirty minutes.So we took out our books and started to study lessons together.And later that time we were relaxing and I said to Holly that "Holly i can't keep myself from looking at you.The truth is I love you."She said to me that "Zayn you don't know how much i love you."And we kissed and make out for couple of minutes.And i think i should tell you this so i phoned to you.Is it a good time for you?"He answered back with anger voice to me "Yeah it was the most important time for me and you've ruined it."So i kissed Holly again and said "Let's hit back to the books."And we went home.I took Holly to her house and kissed her lips.I said Bye see you at school.And i went home.Today was unlucky day for me but i'm so happy.

*At Liam's house*

Liam's P.O.V

I was so mad at Zayn cause he phoned me when me and Kelly were about to kiss.So i said to Kelly that where were we.She said you were about to kiss me and we got interupped."I said "Sorry shall we continue."She said "As you wish."So i lifted her chin and started to kiss her on her lips.She closed her eyes when my lips is on her lips."And i pulled her onto the couch and we make out for couple of minutes and she said "Should we get study?"I said "Okay babe sure thing."She said "Cool thing sweetheart."So we study for another hour and i was surprised that i am so happy and i can cocerntrate on my lessons very well.I was so happy so i kissed Kelly again.And she said "OMG Liam it's so dark i have to go home cause i have to sleep."I said "Sure thing babe i will walk you home safetly.Don't worry."She said "Sweetie you don't have to."I kissed her and said "Trust me okay."She said "Fine!And she kissed my lips and we went out to walk Kelly's home.When we got to Kelly's house she said "Thank you sweetie for walking me home and i kissed her lips and we make out for a minutes in front of her house.I love her so much.And she went into her house and said "Call me when you got home to me."I said "Sure thing babe."So i went back to my house.But on the way i was so much in trouble.So i knocked Kelly's door so hard and she opened her door and i run into her house.

To be continued............

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