Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


3. Strange message

Zayn P.O.V I have to know her that girl who sent me a message and i'm so tired right now and i can't sleep.I can't stop thinking about her.Who is that girl?I have to find out.And all of the sudden,Niall and all of the guys shouted out loud and said Zayn are you sleeping?I shouted out loud i can't cause you all are making noises and i am thinking about something else on my mind.Harry and Liam came near me and said "Really!What is on your mind?I guess a girl" Liam winked and joked.Zayn said "Well Maybe you guys are right.I have something to tell you.Do you know what happen to me when i left the party and went home."Harry asked confused "What happen?"I answered "Someone messaged me that why did i leave the party early and some other stuffs."But well i have to go to bed now.You know what happen to me if i didn't sleep well.Liam joked "Putting on one sock and not,not combing hair or forgot to put your pants on."Harry said "Yeah it's hilarious." Harry's P.O.V I went to my house and i went to sleep but all of the sudden one thought appear in my mind.I just realized that all of my friends met a girl but i still haven't.Maybe i guess i am the worst person at all.So i go to sleep and next morning i slept late so i woke up nearly my school time.So i brushed my teeth,washed my faced,changed my clothes as quick as i can and i rushed up to school.When i got there,the school bell is ringing so i run as fast as i could to my class but unlucky i got bumped with a girl and she said watched out why are you in a hurry?The class isn't even starting yet."I said "Hey don't tell me if you don't know about my day."She said "Let me tell you something Harry i know what happen this morning to you.You just got up late and you are in a hurry."I said "How did you know and how did you know my name?"She answered me back that "Who wouldn't have known your name you are from 1D for crying out loud."I just thought that i kinda like this girl.She told me that "I know it cause i have been in this situation. Zayn's P.O.V I still can't stop thinking about the girl who sent me message last night.She's got me on my mind and i can't wait to see her.But without unexpected someone called my name.So i turned around and look.I was so surprised to see that a most beautiful girl with a brunette hair is calling my name.So i asked "Do i know you?"And she said "No you don't but anyway i'm Holly and i'm a huge fan of you.I love the way you sing,your hairstyle and the way you smile.I replied so you are the one who text me right.What do you want from me?Holly said "Can't your fan mail to you?"I answered "Yeah!"Holly said annoyed "So i mailed to you cause i'm a huge fan of you."And Holly and i get quarrel.She said "You're a jerk and she went away with tears."She and i had a fight over some stuffs that i don't wanna tell it's not very important.But i'm so sad to hear that she went away with tears on her face. To be continued..............
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