Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


6. Lucky

Louis P.O.V

I was still at school finding the girl from the party last night.There was still no sign of her.But I heard Liam calling my name so i went over him and he asked me to go together Niall's house with him and some girls.They were Kelly,Holly and Ashley.I knew that Ashley like Niall and he likes him back.And i teased Kelly.She would be mad at me but she keeps on smiling and so did Liam too.I am still thinking about the girl that i have met.And soon we all arrived to Niall's house and we went to Niall and ask him how he's feeling now.

Zayn's P.O.V

I am still in my room and i am so happy cause finally Holly and i have reunited.And i can't go to sleep i am thinking about Holly and suddenly some weird thoughts came into my mind that i kinda like Holly.And i hope she likes me back too.But well i have to go to sleep.But my cell phone rings and said that i have new message.It was from Holly.She said "Hey i know that you would be sleeping right now but i can't sleep.So i mailed to you.I can't mail to my friends cause they were sleeping at this time right now.And if you are not sleeping at the time is message you.Please reply me back."When i finish reading Holly's message i realized that i'm not only the one whose having troubles at sleeping.She is too.I'm so happy that i have somebody whom i really have had the same habits like me.So i mailed back to hear by saying "Hey Holly.I know the feeling cause i can't sleep too.I have some troubles at sleeping.And my eyes are tired but i can't sleep."And we messaged each other after she called me.So i made a date with her.And she accepted.

*Next morning*

Liam's P.O.V

I'm the kind of person that hates to go to school and gets up early but today i'm feeling fresh and i haven't got this feeling before.I'm so happy but i don't really know why?So i take a shower,brush my teeth,comb my hair and changed clothes.I never had time to eat breakfast that my mom made for me.My mom came into my place and made my breakfast.When i stepped into the dining room my mom said "Hi Liam what a surprised you got up early and finally have time for breakfast."So i ate breakfast and told my mom that "Mom i miss the breakfast that you made for me.If you are not here i would have bought breakfast and eat at school near my locker.Well,now it's almost a little early for school time so i guess i will walk to school.And suddenly strange idea came into my thought.That i will go to Kelly's house and pick her and walk with her to school.So i went to Kelly's house.I hope she wouldn't have gone to school yet.

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up early so i take a shower,brush my teeth and i straight my hair and i wear a hair-band on my head and i take out pink short jean skit with cute little hearts on it and i put on my two straps white sweat shirt with a cute brown bear on it.And suddenly i heard a loud voice in front of my house and that loud voice was said "Hey Kelly are you ready to go to school."It was Liam.So i told him that i will be downstairs in a minute.So i took my bag which is yellow bag with some stripes on it.I took my note books and my cell phone.And i take my purse and i went downstairs.I don't have time for breakfast cause Liam is calling me so i opened the door.

*Outside at Kelly's house*

Liam's P.O.V

I cannot believe my own eyes.Kelly looks beautiful and sexy.I started to feel insecure about her.She is actually straight her long curly hair and she twisted her hair and she wore a cute hair-band.I love her even more.She didn't wear any makeup.When she came near me my heart started pounding so fast and i could hear my heartbeat and i know that i like her a lot but i don't have courage to tell her that cause she would be mad at me.So i still keep my secret and i need to know about her a lot.I need to spent sometime with her.So i asked are you ready for school.It's kinda 3 hours early for that.She said "Yeah i'm ready for school but i haven't had my breakfast.I said her that "I will buy breakfast for you.The breakfast on mine.Let's go."I took her hand and i went to a restaurant and we had some pancakes and drinks,french toasts and a cup of coffee.And Louis called.So i picked up the phone and said "Louis do you want to join us.We are at the Palm Street restaurant.He said we will be there.I said what do you mean we?He said "I will pick up Niall,Zayn and Harry."I said okay.But the same time Kelly's phone started to ring and her friends called where was she so she said "I'm at the restaurant at the Palm Street with Liam.I heard her friends will join with her.Her friends were "Britney,Ashely,Lily and Holly"And they are coming.I hope mine come too.

To be continued.............

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