Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


4. Love at first sight

Holly's P.O.V Damn it!Why didn't he knows that i like him so much.He's such a jerk.But i still love him and i hope he likes me too.I'm a cool girl with baby blue eyes and long curly brunette hair color and i have a heart shape necklace which i wore it around my neck all the time.And i am thinking about Zayn even though i am still in my class.But suddenly the class teacher walked up to me and said "Holly!Holly!What are you thinking about?"I answered back "Sorry teacher my mind was somewhere else."And i looked at Zayn who is the same class with me and he is smiling at me.So i smiled back and turned my head back.Teacher said "Holly you need to focus.The stuff i'm teaching now is so important for your grades."I realized and thought that "I lost my focus because of Zayn and i can't stand without looking at his handsome face for a few seconds.And i thought "OMG i really love him." Liam's P.O.V Today i saw Kelly at school.She walked right up to me and said "Hey Liam glad to see you again."And i know that things that she and i are doing pretty fine and we are kinda getting alone.I know that she is my good friend.But whenever i see her my heart started pounding faster and faster.I haven't felt like this before.I think i'm in love with her.This cannot be happening.I cannot love her cause if she finds out about this she would be so mad at me.I cannot let it happen.But i get pretty comfortable with her.I love the way she smile and she's so beautiful.And i started singing What makes you beautiful song. "Baby you light up my world like nobody else.The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.But when you smile at the crowd it is hard to tell you don't know.You don't know you're beautiful."And i heard footsteps and i turned around and i saw Kelly so i walked up to hear and said "Hi"to her.She said "Hey"to me back.And she said I am singing What makes you beautiful song. Harry P.O.V I was still having problems with a girl that i got bumped into while i went into the class.She has a ponytail brown hair with a flower beside it and she looks like an angel that was sent above from heaven.The moment i saw her my heart started pounding and i knew that i'm in love with her.So i decided that i have to know her.I apologized to her and i ask her name.She said "I know that you are Harry.My name is Britney but call me Britt cause my friends call me that and it's my pleasure to meet you."I was so happy and i get comfortable with her and she makes me laugh all the time.I just thought now.That i really like her a lot. Niall's P.O.V I was sick so i had to stay home.I didn't know what went into me.I was healthy and strong and at midnight the fever went up and thanks a lot to that fever now i can't go to school and see my friends.Especially Ashley.She and i have met yesterday at Liam's party.And i wanna get to know her so much.It's a thing that i'm dying to do right now.I can't think of anyone else.But at the time my phone rang so i picked it up and said "Hello!"It was Liam.Liam said "Niall why didn't you come to school today we've so worried about you."I answered back "First of all dude i'm sick and i love to go to school but my aunt said i have to stay home cause i'm seriously ill and i'm really out of words to say sorry for making you worry.That's what my cousin sister used to say it. Kelly's P.O.V I walked up to Liam with hiding a present for him behind my back.And i said surprised Liam here's a birthday present for you.It's special.I kissed him on his cheek and give him a present.And i walked to my class.But i turned at to Liam and saw him touching his cheek the place where i kissed him.I smiled to him and he smiled me back.I think i like him but this thing would ruined our friendship and i didn't want that to be happen.I tried to forget that i like him but i still can't.And Ashley called me."Hey Kelly wait up for me."So i waited for her and we went to our lockers and Ashley told me that "Do you see that Liam's staring at you all the time?"I said don't joked me he doesn't like me as my thought.But i don't really know i know that i like him so much and me and Ashely went to the class room. To be continued...........
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