Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


1. Liam's bday party

 Liam's P.O.V

Today was a rough day.I just being lonely without my friends here around with me.Today is my holiday and also my birthday.I don't think my friends remember my birthday.But suddenly,Harry and Niall came into my place and said "Surprised" and Zayn and Louis said "Happy Birthday dude."I was surprised to see mu buddies at my place.So i said "Niall,Louis,Zayn and Harry wow you guys really remember my birthday and i'm so thrilled."Harry said "Are your ready?"I asked "What for?"Niall and Zayn said "Shut up dude and come with us."I asked again with surprised said "What for why should i come along with you guys?" Harry's P.O.V Today is Liam's Birthday and we have a surprised party for him but now Liam is talking and asking about that thing right now.I wish i had a way to shut his mouth but i don't wanna cause today is his birthday.His life is pretty boring cause he doesn't have a girlfriend and he said he don't want girlfriend cause it is not cool and neither do i.I don't have a girlfriend.So did all my buddies too.But i am still hoping we get girlfriends sooner or later.Now i'm driving the car and Niall closed Liam's eyes with a towel cause he wanted to surprised Liam."Hey Harry check this out."Niall shouted.I told him that "Dude don't you see that i'm driving the car.Liam said by shouting out "What happen to my eyes?I cannot see it.Help me somebody."And Louis poke him and he shouted even louder.So Zayn said "Guys can u lower your voices a little bit cause i'm kinda noisy and i just wanna chill out before the party." Zayn's P.O.V "OMG!I just told the secret and Liam started asking "What?What party?Party for whom?"Louis said "Nobody why are you keep asking?You are already blind.And don't make me put noise cancelling headphone over you."Liam said with a sarcasm "Haha!Don't i don't want to those are the things that i'm listening gossip with."I asked "Really you guys."And i stared singing Up all night song. "I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun i wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she's the one hold on to the feeling and don't let it go cause we got the flow now get out of control..." Niall's P.O.V We are almost to the party and Liam's still blindfolded and i'm so excited cause i hope Liam's enjoyed this party and suddenly Harry shouted "Hey we are here and get Liam into the party and remove his blindfold around his head.So,I removed and Liam said i cannot believe this dudes it's actually awesome but the thing is we all don't have girlfriends and i just wanna have one girlfriend right now.I said "Come on guys we are the most popular band in the UK and i think all of the girls are over us and wanted to be our girlfriends.But i still don't find the girl i like.Liam said "Yeah we are famous for crying out loud but now let's enjoy my secret party."So we went into the hotel where the secret party for Liam was held and when we get there.We all were surprised to see that the room was full of many people which we didn't invited.And suddenly i found the girl of my dreams so i approached near her. To be continued......... Comment if you like this story

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