Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


2. Huge fans

Niall's P.O.V I approached near that girl and she said with a lovely and cheerful smile.And she said "Hi you are Niall from the 1D right.I'm a huge fan of you.And i love the way you smile and sing."I said "Yeah i know that right and laughed and told her that "I'm just kidding anyways i would like to know your name cause when i saw you i can't stop staring at you and i like to know your name.May I please?"That girl told me that "Niall you are just the sweetest guy and by the way i'm Ashley my friends call me Ash."I said "Wow Ashley what a lovely name."Ashely told me that "Thanks Niall and do you want to grab some drinks over there. Louis's P.O.V While i was drinking some wines i saw a lovely girl that i always imagine about.I've got to know her so i put down my drink and get over her.I said "Hi you look awesome."That girl said "What do you say to me?"I said "Sorry my fault i meant that i can't stop looking at you cause you look nice with that dress."The girl said "Thanks and your name is Louis right."I said "Yeah who wouldn't know me cause i'm the funniest one on the 1D band."The girl asked "I asked you cause i wanted to make sure that i am meeting the right person or not.Do you know why?Because i'm a big fan of you Louis. Liam's P.O.V I was still blindfolded cause Niall forgot to move away and i cannot find the place where the towel is tied on the back of my head.But suddenly i heard footsteps behind me and i looked around but i was blindfolded so i yelled "Whose at my back?"And a girl told him that "Liam it's okay i'm gonna help you remove that blindfold but i refuses and tell her that "Who are you?How do you know my name without me telling you?"She replied "For God Sake Liam everybody knows your name okay you are my favorite band member on 1D and i just adore your smile,muscles,voice and you are so handsome.And now PLEASE!Let me remove your blindfold."I said "Okay!But tell me your name when you removed my blindfold.When she removed my blindfold,suddenly her eyes and my eyes meet together and in my thought i just realized that i found the girl that i always wanted and dreamed of.I was so happy.She said "My name is Kelly.I'm so happy and glad that we have finally met. Kelly's P.O.V When Liam's eyes and my eyes met together i just fell in love with him already.I don't know what happen but i just love him so much and i can't stop thinking about him.Now,i'm going to get a drinks with him and i'm so excited and i hope he likes me too. Zayn's P.O.V As usual the party's taking long so i feel sleepy so unexpected i began to yawn and i know that i have to sleep cause i'm an early riser and early sleeper so i need to sleep.So i told Louis and Niall that i have to go home and i went home.When i got home,i was trying to sleep but suddenly i heard the mail voice on my phone so i pick up my phone and i saw one new message.I clicked on it and view it.But i don't really know who sent me that kind of message but in the message it says "Hi Zayn Why do you leave the party early?I was in the room searching for you and i asked Niall that where did you go and he answered me that you went home.I am so worried about you.Please reply me back."I was surprised and i started typing back "Please don'r worry about me take care of yourself and i'm sorry for that but i don't know who you are?Can you tell me your name?"And i went to bed but i still can't sleep cause i wanted to find out that whose is my mysterious messenger.But anyway i figure out a way to sleep and sooner i went to sleep. To be continued......... Add a comment if you like.
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