Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


8. Fun time

Britney's P.O.V

I don't know what to do this morning.I was so rushed and i can't barely sleep.So i picked up my book and looked at the clock and it was 3 o'clock in the morning.I need to sleep but instead of that i opened my English text book and started reading passages.But after a while i fell asleep.And i woke and looked at the clock again.It was 8 o' clock and i realized that i don't have time for school.I run as fast as i can to school.When i got to school,everybody was smiling and giggling at me.But suddenly Harry rushed over me and said "Hey you are on your pajamas.But you have brushed your teeth right."I said "OMG it have never been happen before.I'm so ashamed of myself now."Harry said "Here take my coat and you keep some clothes at your locker right?"I said "Yeah but i'm not really sure."Harry said "I'm gonna take to some place that's safe and nobody can sees you."I said "Well i need to get my clothes at my locker and i need to relax for a while."He took me there and he said "What happen to you britt?"You don't look so fresh this morning.I said "Yeah i overslept how can i relax."Harry said "It's gonna be okay."He hugs me in his arms.And he said "Britt you are not alone.I'm here for you.And he took my hands and put my hands on his body where his heart was.He told me that "Britt can you feel my heart.It's beating so fast.My heart beat fast when i look at you.I think you know that.I need to tell you something.I Love You Britt and it will never change.My love for you is strong.I said "Harry.."He said "Britt what are you gonna tell."I replied "I never knew this day would come.I love you too and i thought that you don't love me that's why i didn't tell you."He said "Stop talking and he put his finger on my mouth and slowly he moved away his finger.And he kissed me.I knew it was my first kiss with him and i'm really in love with him.And we make out for a couple of minutes.He said "Britt let's get back to class first of all you need to change your clothes.He walked outside and took my clothes at my locker and came back to me and said "Here you go babe.Here's your clothes.Change your clothes i will wait for you outside."I said "Sure thing honey."He kisses me on my cheek and said i will miss you.I said again "Harry that's so sweet of you and i will miss you for a while too."Harry said "We should tell our friends."I said "We will tell together later."


Holly's P.O.V

I was in the dentition class.Sitting besdie Zayn.I know that it wasn't right for us to say some humilating things of him so he sent us to our classes.When i got into the class Kelly asked me "What happen to you today?You missed many class."I answered her back that "Don't worry i was in dentention class together with Zayn.Principal isn't fair to us.Cause i got hit with him cause i was running to my class.Liam asked "Zayn hope you know the feeling about sitting in the dentetion class."I said "Don't asked Zayn.I will tell you the whole story."Kelly said "What happen?"I said "Nothing much we were blabbing about the humilating thing about principal."And suddenly he came in and said "I've done enough.You guys hate me cause i sent you to detention without any reasons."So he said and told me that "You should go back to classes and more time after school's over."So we headed back to our classes and we're gonna be so dead after school.We might even have to stay up so late.I think i have to pick up books to study."Zayn inturepped me and said "Hey you can guide me and we can learn lessons together."I said "That's a great idea Zayn and i hug him."And Liam and Kelly said to us "Looks like somebody's blushing."So i moved over and said "I'm hungry so i'm gonna go and grab a bite."Niall,Liam,Kelly,Ashley,Zayn,Holly,Harry,Louis and Britney came after me."Louis said "Finally a break."And we all headed to the canteen.We were so hungry.When we got there,the room is full and all of the seats had taken.So we all went back to our classes without eating.We bought food and eat in our classroom.But the principal came into our room and said us that we are not allowed to eat in our classroom.So we packed up our food and went down to the hallway.And we finally spotted a free space.We went to that place.And we put down our things on the table and Harry and Britt said "We have something to tell you guys."We said "What do you mean?"Harry said "I'm in love with Britt and we have started dating today and i have finally amitted."Britt said "I love Harry too.He is the sweetest thing for me.I really love him."Liam said "Well as for me i'm not in relationship so i'm gonna have my lunch and headed back to class."Kelly said by pushing Liam and said "Liam stop saying just eat your lunch and we will go back to class."And she turned to me and said "Congrats for you guys.I'm really happy for you i meant Harry and Britt."And she sit down and eat her lunch together with Liam talking and laughing.I knew that she really like Liam and he likes her too but the truth is they don't know how they felt each other.

Liam's P.O.V

I think i'm jealous of Harry cause he is the first one to have a girlfriend in one direction band and i was hoping i was the first one.So when i finish eating i slowly walked away without anyone noticing me and i walked up to my locker.But Kelly notices that i'm gone so she came up after me.I was banging my head with my locker door and saying "I'm so stupid and my semester is coming and i haven't study my lessons yet."And i still can't."Why do bad things happen to me?"I said "Stupid me and keep banging my head with my locker door."But suddenly i heard a voice behind me saying "You are not stupid.Those are the things that adorable me.Look if you need help i will help you cause i can figure out some problems with you cause i'm your best friend."Liam said "I can't study by my own.Cause i don't have exact notes and i don't know how to study with passion and interest.I can't cocerntrate on my lessons.Whenever i'm about to study i fell asleep."Kelly cheer me up by saying "Don't worry i will come together with you to your house when the school is over.So we can study lessons together.That would be so great she said."I replied back "That would be so awesome.I think i'm gonna enjoy studying with you."She said with a smile "Yeah me too."She hugged me and i was so happy and i went back to my class and opened textbook.I am so happy and i want school to be over sooner.When the bell rings i said "Yeah glad to hear that the school is over.It's time for me to go home and study my lessons."But teacher walked up to me and said "Sit down mister!You are not going anywhere cause the class isn't over for a half an hour.So why don't you enjoy the rest of the time."I said with blush that okay and i sit down.Everyone was laughing at me.So i put my head down and sit in the room for half an hour.And finally the bell rings i think i thought that I heard the bell by mistake earlier.So i went out to school.

To be continued..........

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