Lucky Charm

One Direction high school drama unexcepted things happen when u r attending high school


5. Birthday present

Liam's P.O.V

I really like Kelly.She is the only one who give me a present for my birthday.Should i tell her that i love her?But it won't help me now cause i have to go to Niall's house after school.
*After school*
While i was walking down the stairways i saw Kelly so i called her and asked her if she would come to Niall's house together with me.She said "Can i take Ashley and Holly to come together with me.You can call your friends.I said they all are here.Let's get going now Harry shouted.
*On the way to Niall's house*
Kelly and i are talking about some new stuffs and she and i are pretty getting along and we totally made a time.We are so close together and some passerby said we both made a cute couple.But i said no she and i are just close friends.And Louis teased me by saying "Liam has a girlfriend."I said no it's not and she's my close friend like you guys.Harry cut off conversation and take with Britney.And i was talking with Louis but he keeps teasing Kelly and she is smiling.I'm so happy at that time.

Louis's P.O.V

We are nearly closed to Niall's house but i saw the look on Ashley's face she is totally worried about Niall so much.And i starting to realized that she might like Niall and i know that Niall like her a lot cause he told me a lot about her.I'm so happy and i keep teasing Kelly and Liam that they are a couple and they really made a cute couple together.And I went beside Ashley and said "Hey you look a little worried about Niall right?"She said "NO!But to be honest it's true i'm not a little worried about him i'm so worried him i hope he's feeling better."I joked her that "I think you like Niall."She smiled to me and didn't say anything."I joked again "I see no respond aye so i will note that you like Niall."
*At Niall's house*
I knocked on the door and i heard the voice of Niall.He is shouting to his aunt to go and open the door cause he is too weak to walk so he just lay on the bed.But when he saw Ashely he jumped out of the bed and said Ashely and you guys what a surprised.Liam asked him "Dude are you feeling okay?"Niall said back to Liam "I'm alright."Suddenly,Ashley bend down and hugged Niall.And said "Oh you poor thing i hope you feel better."

Niall's P.O.V

I am so happy and now i don't know why i'm just feeling better.Kelly said me that am i going to be alright so i answered i'm fine as long as you guys are around me.I knew that i can always count on you.I'm thrilled.Ashely went downstairs to the kitchen and went to have a glass of warm milk for me.And she asked me to drink.I didn't want her to get upset so i drink.I just don't know why she cares so much for me.She had a black kinda long hair with pink highlights on it and a beautiful green eyes.I just love her so much.

Zayn's P.O.V

I didn't sleep well last night and i saw the girl that text me last night so i think i can go to sleep well but i was wrong.Something inside my mind is telling me that i was treating wrong the girl i like so i decided to call her.I phoned her and she picked up.She said "Hello!What do you want?"with annoyed voice.I think she is mad at me.I said "I didn't want anything from you.I just wanna apologized to you about my mistakes.Actually i'm not a jerk as you think.And come to the place which i asked you to come.I will tell you where to come when i see you tomorrow at school.And i hung up the phone and went straight to my bed.

To be continued...........

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