Seriously Scary Stories

Some spooky tales I've collected over the years.
Some of them won't be very scary, just 'what?' but please no saying this is rubbish, they're not my stories, just ones I've collected and some of them aren't meant to be very scary! This will be updated every Thursday.


3. The Statue

Felicity plodded down the littered pavement, she could hear noises all around her, but she kept telling herself it was just an ordinary street, in ordinary London, ordinary, ordinary, ordinary. Felicity was a jumpy girl, and the slightest thing could make her jump out of her skin. She unlocked the door to her Aunt and Uncle's house. The large, old building was empty and silent, but that was ok, her Aunt and Uncle had got stuck in the snow, so were staying at a small inn somewhere. Felicity took off her rucksack and went to watch tv. It was the news. Felicity liked the news, so she sat and watched it,

"A psychopath has escaped from your local mental asylum." Quick as a flash, Felicity switched it off, she hated reports like that. She listened to the world around her. Silence. But out of the silence came something that sounded like a laugh. Felicity listened again. Nothing. A few hours later, Felicity climbed the creaking stairs to go to bed. 'I should tell Uncle John to get these sorted!' She thought to herself. As Felicity entered her Aunt and Uncle's room, the floor seemed to turn to glue. There in the corner, was some sort of strange statue, holding a knife. Aunt Gladys was an eccentric collector, maybe she'd picked something up from some far-flung corner of the world. She ran downstairs, picked up her mobile phone and called Aunt Gladys,

"Hi, Aunty, I was wondering if I could move the statue in your room, it's really freaking me out." Silence came from the other end, until,

"We don't have a statue in our room." Creak! Creak! Creak!

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