Seriously Scary Stories

Some spooky tales I've collected over the years.
Some of them won't be very scary, just 'what?' but please no saying this is rubbish, they're not my stories, just ones I've collected and some of them aren't meant to be very scary! This will be updated every Thursday.


2. The Licked Hand

An old woman was sitting on her armchair, in her big, old, lonely house. A storm had brewed outside, but with the fire burning and her dog at her feet, she was nice and cosy inside. She was watching the news.

"A pyschopath has escaped from the local asylum. Please make sure you lock all your doors and windows, as there is a huge risk in this area." So the old woman goes around locking all her doors and windows, except this tiny window in the bathroom, which she can't reach. It is very high up and is only open a tiny crack, so the woman decides it will be alright. Then, switching the t.v off, she goes to bed. Now the old woman's dog sleeps under her bed and to relax her, the old woman would put her hand under the bed and the dog would lick her hand. So the old woman puts her hand under the bed, and the dog licks her hand, and she goes to sleep. But when she is sleeping she thinks she hears her dog whining, so she puts her hand under the bed and the dog licks her hand, so she decides all is well and goes back to sleep. But she can still hear something, this time not whining but this dripping noise, so she gets out of bed and looks all around the house. The bathroom window is still only open a tiny crack, and she can't see anything, so she goes back to bed and the dog licks her hand. She goes back to sleep, but can still hear the dripping noise, but she decides it's just her imagination, and goes to sleep. She is awoken in the middle of the night by a motorbike and sits up in bed. The dripping is still going on and she says.

"That is not my imagination, what is that dripping noise?" So she gets out of bed and searches the house again. She goes into the bathroom, and the window is still only open a tiny crack, but this time she pulls open the shower curtain. There sitting in the shower, with blood spilling everywhere, is her dead dog.

"But, but, what? My dog's been in my bedroom, licking, licking my hand!" Then she sees something in the corner of her eye. There written in her dog's blood are the words, 'humans can lick too'. The last thing the old woman ever heard was a laugh.

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