My fairytale

Khea is 15 years old. She was Unpopular and has never been inlove before. One day she met:

Niall Horan; 16 years old and the playboy type, but behind his playboy ways is a sensitive and romantic person.
Louis Tomlinson; 18 years old and the prankster and joker of them all, but behind that cocky smile of his, is a very romantic person, that no one knows about.
Liam Payne; 16 years old and the heartbreaker, but behind all that is a nice,sensitive and loving person.
Zayn Malik; 17 years old and the badboy, but behind his badboy reputation is a very sensitive person. and lastly
Harry Styles; 15 years old and the flirt and the heartbreaker, but behind his flirty-ness is a romantic and very sensitive person, who has trust issues.

All of the boys are Soccer players, very Popular and every girls 'dream boy'. one day niall and khea met in a very strange place and in a very strange way, But since Niall is the playboy type, he played with Khea 's heart. But who will be there to fix her broken heart?


2. Reunited with friends

I looked at him, and I could see his face, and I couldn't believe my eyes. It's Niall Horan!! The most popular guy in school. I couldn't believe it! His actually talking to me.

"Don't be shy, you really are beautiful" he said

"T-thanks" I said still blushing

"I'm niall, by the way" he said handing me his hand

"I'm khea" I said and shook his hand

Why the am I still blushing!! Khea stop it!!!!

"Can I ask you something niall?"


"Why were you hiding your face with your hood, just a while ago and why are you at the back, when you can be with them?" I said curiously.

"Simple, I don't want them to see me, because if they saw me they'll sit next to me and annoy me, and would just try and flirt with me. Which is very annoying!"

He put his hood back on his head.

"Ow. ahmm.. Did I annoy you?" I said

"No, I'm actually glad that you decided to sit next to me. "


The bus stopped and I looked at the window, we were at school already.

The other students left and we were the last to go out.

"Well, see you around khea" He winked at me

"You too Niall" I smiled

I was still looking at him while he was walking. I looked at my phone to see what time it is; it was already 8:22. I sighed

Then I heard a very familiar voice "Kheaaaaaa !" it was cath and Diane. Cath was running towards me and she hugged me really tight.

"I missed you so much!" Cath said

"I missed you too" I hugged her back.

"Hey!" Diane said in a very girly voice "So I saw you and niall walked out of the school bus while talking" She punched me playfully in the shoulder.

"Hey! Don't punch Bea, while I'm here!" cath said like a five years old girl

"Don't call me Bea, cath!" I said in Avery serious tone

"Oh yeah! Sorry." Cath said with sad voice

"And it was nothing he just said some things to me and said goodbye, that's all" I said to Diane

"What did he tell you?" They both said

Then the first bell rang, signaling us all that its 5 minutes before classes starts

"The first bell already rang! C'mon" I said to both of them

We all went inside. Diane and cath went to the principal's office to get our schedule's, while I was waiting and I saw niall by the lockers, he was talking to four guys, that I'm guessing are his friends, and they were all wearing the same thing, a Hoodie that was covering their faces. I'm guessing they're trying to hide too.

Ok! I may be staring at him.

He smiled at me and I smiled back

I'm guessing he said something about me to his friends, because they all looked at me

Then cath and Diane went to me, and gave me my schedule

"Damn! My first subject is math!" I said. I really hate math!!

"Don't worry you're not the only one" Diane said

"Why?" I looked at Diane then cath then Diane again.

"It's our first class too!" She said excitedly

"Yes!!" I said happily. This is the very first time that I was happy that my first subject was math, because we were never put together in math class.

Niall 's POV

When I got inside the school, I was trying my best not to get noticed, I was walking to the principals office to get my schedule, when I saw Liam and the other's at the lockers.

"Hey!" I said to them

"Nialler!" Louis said

"Hey Niall!" Liam said

"Hey!" zayn and harry said in unison

I highfived with them.

"Oh, niall. By the way .." Liam took a piece of paper in his front pocket. "Here." he said and handed over the paper. I looked at it and it was schedule.

"Thanks lad."

"So .. I saw you talking to a girl just a while ago and after that the smile on your face can't seem to fade" Harry said

"Yeah? So?" I said

"So, who is she? " Liam said

"She's the girl; I met at the school bus."

"Really? We thought she was alien that you met from outer space." louis said sarcastically

while Harry said "We know that! We saw you get out of the bus with her."

"What we meant was what her name is?" Liam said

"Is she like your friend or what? Or do you like h-" zayn said but I caught him off

"Alright already!" I said and they all stared at me and waited for me to talk about her

"Her name is Khea and I met her at the school bus this morning .." I told them what just happened this morning.

The first bell rang, and other students started to get inside.

"I think our little nialler likes that .. khea? khea girl!" Louis said with a girly voice

They all 'awed'

I rolled my eyes at them.

"So? When are we going to meet her?" harry said

"Dude! I already told you, i don't like her! and she's probably already on her class or something."

Then I just had a feeling that someone was staring at me, I looked at the lockers just in front of us and I saw Khea, so she's the one who's been staring at me huh?

I smirked at her and she blushed.

"Actually.. that's her" I said to them looking at khea

They all faced her, and her face was like 'why-are-you-looking-at-me'

Then 2 girls walked over to her, the other one was like 4 inch shorter than her, with brown eyes and her hair was in a pony tail

And the other girl was like inch shorter than khea and she also has brown eyes and her hair was perfectly straightened, but unlike khea. Khea's hair looks so naturally straight and her eyes are hazel brown which stands out from the three of them.

Then my thoughts were interrupted by Louis and zayn

"Nialler" Louis and zayn said in unison


"Stop staring at her! She might melt." Louis said to me and they all laughed

I rolled my eyes at them again.

Then the second bell rang ..

I looked at her again, but she was already gone.

So I looked at my schedule and...

"Math is my first class. Great!" I said sarcastically

"Me too." Harry said

"Mine is music." Louis said

"Literature." zayn said

"Literature too" Liam said

"Well, see you all later" I said to them, and harry and I went to math class.

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