My fairytale

Khea is 15 years old. She was Unpopular and has never been inlove before. One day she met:

Niall Horan; 16 years old and the playboy type, but behind his playboy ways is a sensitive and romantic person.
Louis Tomlinson; 18 years old and the prankster and joker of them all, but behind that cocky smile of his, is a very romantic person, that no one knows about.
Liam Payne; 16 years old and the heartbreaker, but behind all that is a nice,sensitive and loving person.
Zayn Malik; 17 years old and the badboy, but behind his badboy reputation is a very sensitive person. and lastly
Harry Styles; 15 years old and the flirt and the heartbreaker, but behind his flirty-ness is a romantic and very sensitive person, who has trust issues.

All of the boys are Soccer players, very Popular and every girls 'dream boy'. one day niall and khea met in a very strange place and in a very strange way, But since Niall is the playboy type, he played with Khea 's heart. But who will be there to fix her broken heart?


8. Lunch

Khea 's POV


I saw niall and his friends with my best friends in one table.

Ok! I didn’t expect to see that.

Diane called me over and I was about to sit next to Diane but the curly friend of niall’s went to sit there, and there was only a space and that was next to niall, so I sited next to him.


“So, Khea what took you so long?” the curly one asked

 I just looked at him then niall with ‘Who-are-them?’ face

“Oh yeah! I forgot to introduce you to them.” Niall said

“Yeah” I whispered

“This is Harry” he pointed at the curly one

“Hi!” harry said

“This is Louis” he pointed at the guy with the striped hoodie

“Hi khea!” Louis said

“This is zayn” he pointed at the guy with really beautiful eyes and perfectly fixed hair

“Hi, I’m zayn.”

“This is Liam” He pointed at the guy with a birthmark on the neck

“Hi khea, nice to meet you.” Liam said

“Uh .. You too.” I smiled at them all

“And I’m niall, Niall horan. Nice to finally meet you khea.” He said as if he doesn’t know me

“So your niall horan? I’ve heard so much about you.” I played along

“Really? Like what?”

“Like how girls are grinding at you at the door and flirting with you.”

The guys send him some ‘ooohs’ even cath and Diane.

“Jealous much?”

I got ‘ooooh’s too

 I came close to his face

“No.” I said calmly

Then pulled back.

They all laughed at me and niall. Then we laughed too.

“Here” cath said, handing me a sandwich

“Thanks Cathy”


I started to eat.

I bunch of guys came to our table

“Hey guys!”

“Hey!”They said in unison

And the guys looked at us.

“And girls.”

“Hi” cath and Diane said in unison. I just smiled

“So coach said we have a meeting tomorrow.”

“Sure” said zayn

Then the guys left.


The bell rang..

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