My fairytale

Khea is 15 years old. She was Unpopular and has never been inlove before. One day she met:

Niall Horan; 16 years old and the playboy type, but behind his playboy ways is a sensitive and romantic person.
Louis Tomlinson; 18 years old and the prankster and joker of them all, but behind that cocky smile of his, is a very romantic person, that no one knows about.
Liam Payne; 16 years old and the heartbreaker, but behind all that is a nice,sensitive and loving person.
Zayn Malik; 17 years old and the badboy, but behind his badboy reputation is a very sensitive person. and lastly
Harry Styles; 15 years old and the flirt and the heartbreaker, but behind his flirty-ness is a romantic and very sensitive person, who has trust issues.

All of the boys are Soccer players, very Popular and every girls 'dream boy'. one day niall and khea met in a very strange place and in a very strange way, But since Niall is the playboy type, he played with Khea 's heart. But who will be there to fix her broken heart?


9. Hanging out with him

Khea's POV

School went fast today. As I knew it was already dismissal. Which means time for that 'Friendly' date with niall.

Why can't we just take the word 'Friendly' and just have a date. I sighed at the thought of it.

I saw niall at the door with cath and Diane, their talking about something, I guess.

Niall's POV

After we got dismissed I went straightly to khea's class, I waited for her at the door.

Then I saw cath and Diane walk up to me.

"Hey niall!" cath said

"Oh, Hi Cath. Hi Diane."

"What're you doing here?" Diane asked curiously

"I'm waiting for khea"

"Why?" cath asked

"We're actually gonna eat at nandos."

"You're going on a date?!" diane said very surprised.

"No, were just gonna eat."

"Which is actually... Like dating." Diane said

"Do you 'like' khea?" cath said with a serious voice

"What made you ask that?" I said and smirked at them

"Because, you look at her differently, not like how you look at other girls." cath said

"Of course I look at her differently, she's .. like .. my 'friend'"

"Yeah right." Cath rolled her eyes at me.

"So do you?" they both said in unison.

Then khea came to us.

"You what?" she asked curiously.

"Oh, it's nothing." Cath said.

"Oh, Ok." Khea said and looked at me.

"Well, you two enjoy yourselves, ok?" Diane said pulling cath away.

"Uh ... Bye." I said to them.

"You ready?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but first I have to go and see ms.lhai." she smile at me


We went to art class and we saw ms.lhai fixing her stuff.

"Hey miss." I said and he looked at me then khea and smiled to us.

"Hi miss." Khea said.

We both went inside.

I sat at the first chair that was close to the door and khea went to miss at the teacher's table which is at the window.

Khea's POV

"So, khea."

"Yes miss?" I asked her, curiously

"I actually talked to some of niall's friend."

*FLASHBACK* (Art class)

Ms.Lhai 's POV

"Good morning class" I said to them all

I looked at them one by one, to see if one of niall's friends are here.

"Good morning miss." The all said

I spotted one of his friends. I think his Liam. Ok, at least I know that I have something to tell khea later.

"So you all heard of the first assignment?"

I heard some said 'yes' and some said 'no'.

"Ok, well your assignment would be different."

Maybe I could help khea, by using drama class. I smirked to myself as I thought of a great idea.

"Now your assignment is a lot different, especially for the boys."

I heard some said 'No fair'

"Don't worry boys, this is an easy one, well actually you have 2 assignments and also the girls, but the girls assignments would be very easy."

I heard the some girls laughed

"Ok! For your first assignment, Partner up. Girl, boy!"

I waited for about 3 minutes. And I looked at them all.

"Ok. I think you all have a partner already. So the girls would be picking a number and behind the numbers and your characters, and from what movie and what scène. Don't worry I'll be the one to provide your scripts."

"So girls come here."

They stood up and came to me. Once they all have a number and saw their characters and everything.

"So for your second assignment, you just have to answer the questions that I'm about to give you."

I looked at Liam, he was actually paying attention.

"For the girls, 1.What would be the most romantic date for you? 2. What would you were on a first date? 3. How could you tell if you are in love? " I looked at the girls, as they wrote the questions on their notebooks.

"And for the boys, 1.What would be the perfect date for you? 2. Where would you want your first date to be? 3. How could you tell if you are in love? 4. How could you tell if your 'friend is in love?" I see them writing.

"And number five! I want you to ask your friends the same thing, and when I said 'FRIENDS' I mean all your real friends. Ok?"

"Yes miss." The boys said.

"Ok. Free time." I smile at them.

I looked for Liam. I saw him talking to some girls.

"Liam?" I called for him

He looked at me and came close.

"Yes miss?"

"Are you friends with niall ?"

"Yes, why? Is he in trouble?"

"No, his not. I just wanted to ask you on what's going on with him and khea."

"Oh, Actually I 'Think' they like each other."

I knew it!

"Really?" I said like I heard for the first time.

"Yes miss, but please don't tell them or anyone else."


"And don't tell to anyone that I asked you, okay?" I asked him

"Yes miss"

*End of flashback*

I told her about what I did, but I didn't tell her about what I asked to Liam.

"Whoa! You did that?" she asked me

"Yeah, and tomorrow come by me again, after school okay?"

"Yes miss."

"Now go have fun." I winked at her.

Khea 's POV

I looked at niall

"C'mon!" I smile at him

"That was fast." He smile back

I giggled and went out of the school.

"So theirs my car." He said pointing at a black Porsche car

Whoa! He owns that! He must really rich.

"T-that's yours?" I asked him.

"Yeah. C'mon." he said

We went to his car and he went to the passenger's side and opened the door for me.

"Thank you." I said and smile at him, he smile back.

He went to the driver's side.

He drove the car.

There was an awkward silence, so I decided to break the silence and I cracked some jokes and he did too. So we were just laughing and telling jokes to each other on the way to nandos

When we arrived, we ordered our food and I was about to pay for mine but he said he'll pay. After he paid for our food we went to his car.

"Aren't we gonna eat this inside?" I asked curiously

"No. We're going to eat this in my favorite place." He smiled at me cheekily.

"And where's that?" I raised my eyebrow

"It's a surprise." He winked at me

I felt myself kinda blush.

We went to his car and he drove off, their was silence but it wasn't awkward.

"Were here." He said

I looked outside the window as he was parking. There's a beautiful lake and theirs this one tree with a swing near the lake. The sight was beautiful.

He led me to the lake.

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