My fairytale

Khea is 15 years old. She was Unpopular and has never been inlove before. One day she met:

Niall Horan; 16 years old and the playboy type, but behind his playboy ways is a sensitive and romantic person.
Louis Tomlinson; 18 years old and the prankster and joker of them all, but behind that cocky smile of his, is a very romantic person, that no one knows about.
Liam Payne; 16 years old and the heartbreaker, but behind all that is a nice,sensitive and loving person.
Zayn Malik; 17 years old and the badboy, but behind his badboy reputation is a very sensitive person. and lastly
Harry Styles; 15 years old and the flirt and the heartbreaker, but behind his flirty-ness is a romantic and very sensitive person, who has trust issues.

All of the boys are Soccer players, very Popular and every girls 'dream boy'. one day niall and khea met in a very strange place and in a very strange way, But since Niall is the playboy type, he played with Khea 's heart. But who will be there to fix her broken heart?


7. Advise

Khea 's POV

I was fixing my things, when Ms.Lhai called me.

"Khea, come here for a sec." She smiled

I went to her.

"Yes miss?"

"Tell me now." She was looking at niall and niall was looking at our direction

I sighed and looked at niall and I signaled him to go on without me, because I know to myself that this might take long.

I started to tell her what happened this morning to what just happened now.

"And I think I ... kinda ... like him."

"Khea, darling, you don't have to deny to yourself that you like him and you can't force yourself to just unlike him."


"No buts! I know that you're scared and actually I was kinda shock at first when I saw with him and you just look so happy around him, you're always happy but, this time it's different, I could see it from the way you look at him."

"But , I-"

"Didn't I say 'No buts'? Have you told Diane and cath about it?"


"I think you should, because they'll be the one to help with him, Specially Diane. Because you know, she has a lot of experience and she knows how to control boys."

I giggled.

"Just remember to be yourself, Ok?"

"Yes miss."

"And oh yeah, Come by here, before you go to your 'Date' with niall." She winked at me

"Yes miss and it's not a 'Date'" She laughed

I went out, and I went to the cafeteria, I'm seriously hungry!

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