Zayn's Dark Side

One Direction have been great friends for over a year now. Their so in common with each other; they don't know about Zayn's dark side. He uses people to feel loved after the terrible breakup with him and Perry. Non of the boys know until Louis walks into his own house and sees Zayn and his sister Lottie breaking up. They found out in the most dreadful way ever! Keep reading to see what happens next!


1. Zayn's Breakup

The boys were hanging out at Harry's house eating large cheezy pizzas, drinking huge bottles of beer and watching Toy Story. Liam mutterd along to every word while Niall got frushtrated. "Dude! We know it's your favourite film, but shut up!" Niall warned Liam; he didn't stop. Zayn's phone vibrated in his pocket. He tugged it out and looked who was calling him it was Perry. "Hey babe." Zayn sweetly said. 

"Where are you? I need to talk to you." Perry said ergantly from the other end of the phone. "Iam at Harry's." Zayn replied. Before he could say I love you Perry had already hung up. "Awww!" Louis yelled. "What did she want?" He asked. Zayn shook his head. 

"She's really not herself latley. She's avoiding me." He informed him. Louis put his hands around Zayn. "She is in Little Mix though, she must be really busy." Harry made a point. 

Not long after that the door knocked, Zayn rushed to it and opend it. "Hey babe." Zayn declared. "Hi Zayn." She held his hands out in front of him. "You know the wedding?"

"Yeah." Zayn answerd. Perry breathed heavily.

"I'm canceling it. I'm not in Little Mix anymore. I'm moving away." She announced. Zayn fell to the floor literally on his knees. "You can't do that!" Zayn exlaimed! "After all we've been through!" Perry leaned down and lightly kissed him on the cheek. It left a red lipskick stain that smudged from the gushing tears that dripped form Zayn's eyes. Perry walked of into her long pink limo. Niall came to the door and watched Perry go. She turned around and blue a kiss. "Come on mate." Niall incuridged Zayn. 

When they were back in the lounge the boys tried to settle him down but it didn't help. Fuss and attention didn't do the job for Zayn. "Here." Liam offerd him a beer, altough Zayn refused it and put his head in his hands.

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