Zayn's Dark Side

One Direction have been great friends for over a year now. Their so in common with each other; they don't know about Zayn's dark side. He uses people to feel loved after the terrible breakup with him and Perry. Non of the boys know until Louis walks into his own house and sees Zayn and his sister Lottie breaking up. They found out in the most dreadful way ever! Keep reading to see what happens next!


3. Suspisous Louis. (His Point Of View)

I launched myself of the sofa and headed for the stairs. I stumbled up to Zayn's room holding some left over beer that he had had at the pictures last night. I loudly knocked on the door been as I could here him speaking. The door creaked open. "Who you talking to?" I asked. Zayn hid the phone behind his back. "No one." He stammered. I offerd him the half empty bottle of beer. "Thanks." He said to me. I walked out slowly. Been as it was late at night I decided to sleep. I reached for my blinds and they shut pirecing the silver stars. I tugged my pillows of my bed and striped of into my boxers. I stared at my tence mussles in the mirro stroking them. I climbed into bed and rested my head on a pillow that felt like a marshmellow. 

I began to wonder why Zayn had been like that when I went in his room. I found myself tossing and turned trying to think who he was talking to. Certainly not Perry. Probably non of the boys. Not his Mom and Dad because they skype every morning and afernoon.

Evernturly I went through all the people he couldn't of been talking to. I decided to forget it and shut my eyes.


Zayn's point of view.

My heart pounded while I was talking to Lottie. Her voise was so soft and magical. i smiled every minuite of the conversation. " So Zayn." She began. "I hear your free this weekend?" She added. "Yeah!" I nodded my head.

Not long after we stopped talking I swigged the bottle of beer down my throat. It was emty in no time. I started to think about Louis. This is his sister I'm dating. Maybe I should tell him? I debated. What if he finds out? I questioned myself. I itched my chin nervously. Soon enough I fell to sleep on my desk chair holding my phone.


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