Zayn's Dark Side

One Direction have been great friends for over a year now. Their so in common with each other; they don't know about Zayn's dark side. He uses people to feel loved after the terrible breakup with him and Perry. Non of the boys know until Louis walks into his own house and sees Zayn and his sister Lottie breaking up. They found out in the most dreadful way ever! Keep reading to see what happens next!


2. Months later.

Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis♥ were driving to the cinimea one night. Louis was driving and he hit the music button. Little Mix DNA came on. 

"DNA D-D-D-D DNA..I love to take my breath away B-B-B- breath away." The music played. Zayn leaned over and turned it straight of. "Thought you were over her?" Louis asked. Zayn shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno." 

When they were eventurly there Louis kept chomping on the popcorn while they picked a great seet. "Hey Lottie!" Louis high fived his sister Lottie.  She and her friend sat behind the boys. Incase you were wondering they watching Finding Nemo 2.

Throughout the film Zayn regulaly kept turning around to see Lottie. She wore a shirt dress that was blue and black and heels. "Like what you see?" Lottie joked to Zayn. He laughed romanticly. 

Finally the film finished and everyone stood up and walked out, therefore Zayn didn't. "I'll catch you up boys, I dropped my phone." Zayn said making an exuse. He stood behind Lottie. "Hey!" He called her. Lottie turned around. "Yeah?" She hobbeld over to him. Zayn held his hands round her hips. "What do you want?" Lottie asked. 

"You!" Zayn orderd. She agreed and ran of. 

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