Zayn's Dark Side

One Direction have been great friends for over a year now. Their so in common with each other; they don't know about Zayn's dark side. He uses people to feel loved after the terrible breakup with him and Perry. Non of the boys know until Louis walks into his own house and sees Zayn and his sister Lottie breaking up. They found out in the most dreadful way ever! Keep reading to see what happens next!


4. Louis Morning Shock (Louis point of view)

I wriggled over onto one side. I heard music, therefore I didn't want to believe it so I kept my eyes shut tightly. It got louder and louder so I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "Maybe it's someone outside?" I wondered. I peered through my blind and stared right to left. No music anywhere. I flopped back onto my bed and snuggled up to my teddy, however this time the music broke my ear drums. I launched myself out of bed and went next door to Harry's room. I peeped through Harry's door; no sign of music there. Then next to Harry's room was Niall's. I glared through there on the other hand there was no music. After looking in Liam's too. I noticed that Zayn wasn't awake. So I quietly craweld through his room, the good thing was that he couldn't see me in the dark. (He doesn't eat carrots sadly.) I reached for the plug to his radio and yanked it out. Quickely, carefully and queitly I craweld out. Least I could see where I was going. Zayn flicked his lamp on; luckily I was already out the room. I proudly ran to my room flopped onto my bed. I found myself asleep in two minuiets. 

Zayn's point of view:

I flicked my lamp on and it flickered around the room casting shadows of my Tv. Although I glared around the room and saw no one. "Maybe  it's just a powercut." I mutterd to myself...

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