Fast and bold

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 30 Oct 2013
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Written for englishclass.


1. Fast and bold

Fast and bold. Been there, done that. As the car passed right by me, I felt the light reflecting in my eyes. I was near the highway now. It was a long way, but I had already made it halfway through and I wasn't gonna stop yet. I felt like everywhere I went I always got adored by someone. And it wasn't because I liked it. Black stribes like a race car, brown like the dirt I loved to roll around in. It was my turn to be someone else. And I didn't knew where I was gonna be that someone, but I was on my way and the highway was always a place to start. Now I was nowhere to be found.

   It was dark. And my furry fur didn't even protect me from the cold. It was mid in November and I was afraid that if I stayed much longer, the rain would begin to fall. At this time at night there where no such thing as fear. Normally I would be afraid of the cars and especially afraid to be run over by a truck, but this late and with absolutely no cars, I wasn't gonna let that fear scare me away. It was a decent chance to get what I wanted. Freedom. I actually felt free.

   I wasn't that tall but I was good on my feet. I could run fast and jump high. I always landed on my legs and not once, even know you should assume with my clumsy feet, I fell down on the ground.

   I wasn't that big but I had a good size. Not too big, not too little. My fur usually helped me from the cold and I loved my small paws. Sometimes I understood why people adored me, I understood why they loved to cuddle me. My owners cherished me and of course I liked them a lot, but they could get too enthusiastic and when they tugged me in and started telling me about their day, I always felt like I really had to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. And then one day I did. I ran away and look where it got me.

   I was frozen and I felt the hunger slowly closing in on me. I couldn't be here much longer but I wasn't sure where to go and who would take care of me. I wasn't even sure if this was the right choice. No mather where I went they would probably, and I say this for sure, treat me the same way as my owners did before. And it's not because I am confident, but I just know that it doesn't matter where you are because everyone loves pets. And then suddenly my whole disappearance made no sence. If I was running away from a place where I was loved and adored, to a place where I probably would be loved and adored too, then what was the reason for me running away?

   Of course I didn't know. It wasn't because, and let me highlight this, I was unhappy. Maybe I didn't like the way I got treated but nor did I hate it. I just felt it was time for a change and it was my time to feel free.

   And patiently, as if it had waited for me to come out from my hiding place behind the bushes, the rain began to fall. I shook my fur and stuck my snout in the air in order to catch the rain with my tongue. I loved when the rain started to fall because in some way it reminded me about freedom. And I wanted to be free. But now, when I actually was free, the rain made me feel sad. It made me think about what I left and the whole feeling of freedom, which I got when I belonged to a house and went outside in the rainy weather, was gone. I wasn't longing for anything anymore. That liberty feeling was gone because I had my liberty now. I was free and I was falling like the rain.

   My dreams were, sadly, I may say, interrupted by the sound of a truck. A truck very near me and all my scary dreams about being run over by a truck suddenly became all alive. I couldn't move. I was simply so terrified that I couldn't move. And as the truck came closer to me and the headlights blinded me I felt my whole life reflecting. Why did I run away? Why couldn't I just have stayed? None of this would have happend if I could just be happy with my life the way it was. The truck were no longer far away from me. It was only a few centimeters from hitting me.


And then I woke up.

And I felt my owners warm hand on my head and I enjoyed being cuddled. And I felt the hunger closing in on me and I ran on my clumsy feet out into the kicthen. My owner fed me and I felt happy. I was happy. And when I, of course, heard a strange and known sound, I looked out the window and saw the rain pooring down. And without eating I jumped up the windowsill and looked out. And I felt free on my own way. Free and happy. Now I know that I will never leave this place.

Fast and bold.

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