Harry's Story

Harry's on the lookout for a new girl, but what he finds isn't quite what he was looking for.


1. In the Canteen

Harry was sat in the canteen, watching the pretty girls go past when he spotted her. She smiled coyly before sitting next to him, she gazed coyly into his eyes. What would he think of her? Her eyes went down to below waistline. It was then she spied it poking up. A long slender shaft, slightly disfigured in places but looking wonderfully invitingHer breathing rate increased as she stared longingly at its form. Her hands went instantly to it. Grasping it with  glee, running her hands up and down it's length, her heartbeat increases as she fondles its shape. It was hard and familiar. She cradled it for a few moments thinking about the promise it gave. Was it love, lust of hunger that drew her to it ? 

Salivating she pulls the stem towards her, licking her lips in anticipation. It feels cooler in her hands than she thought, but it's too late to turn back now. She licks the tip, aware of the growing expectancy in her body. This was the moment, the moment she'd waited for. A little drool from her vibrant, luscious lips ran down the sleek shaft. Her lips moved down licking up the droplets. She gave a slight sigh. 

Her mouth opened and she guided the totem in between her perfect lips. Slowly she licked the tip and then anchored it firmly between her lips. She thought she heard a little moan. 

Catching Harry's eyes once again she could wait no longer. Her teeth moved first slowly slightly gnawing. She had Harry's attention now. She bit down on the tip watching his discomfort. Her teeth were too strong and in a nano-second the tip had broken off and fallen into her waiting mouth. She withdrew the shaft and chewed away at it's snapped off tip tasting it's sweet piquancy.  

Smiling at him, she offered him what was left. 

'Carrot ?' she proffered holding the orange shaft towards him. 

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