The Man in the Window

He will always just stand and look at you.


1. The Movie

It all started with my friend loaning me the most awesome film ever, or atleast I thought it was at the time. The name of the film was Saw I, it is a film about a man torturing people. So ofcourse I didn't have permission by my parents to watch it. So at midnight while they were sleeping, I quitly walked down the stairs, and turned the tv on.

I put the VHS tape in there, and it started playing. I quickly turned the volume down so my parents wouldn't notice me watching it. After all this time, I would finally get to see the movie! My friends talked about it all the time, so I really wanted to see it. After 20 minutes I got really scared and closed my eyes for a bit of time, but instead of opening them again, I just fell asleep.


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