The Man in the Window

He will always just stand and look at you.


2. The Man

When I was awake again, the move was done. I turned the tv off, and put the VHS tape back in the case. I then began to walk to the stairs, but you had to go through the kitchen first. I was walking really slowly, because I was scared of the dark, and didn't want to tumble over anything. I finally got to the kitchen, and nearly stumbled over a chair, put avoided it in time. I quickly looked out in our garden, it looked normal. Lots of bushes, and a tree in the middle. But something was not right, there was an extra silhouette. I focused my eyes, and then I could see that the silhouette had 2 arms, and even 2 legs. It was a man! And he was just standing there staring at me. If I yelled for my parents, they would know that I had seen a movie I wasn't supposed to see, and that I had stayed up to long. So I tried to be really quite. I was really shocked, but I still just walked to my room, hoping that it was just my mind tricking me. I got up the stairs fine, and when I got to my room, I hid the VHS tape, and went to my bed.

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