Summer Paradise

2 normal girls on a month long beach vacation. What will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? Will there lives be turned upside down or will everything stay the same? If you wanna find out I suggest you to read this.
**********OFF MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT**********


2. Toni Torez



Name: Toni Nicole Torez
Birthday: February 14th
Age: 18
Nicknames: Lil T, TNT, Dynamite
Likes: Shopping, Instagram, Music, Sleep and food.
Dislikes: bugs, heights, snakes and messiness.
Family: Mum (Joyce) works at a law firm. Dad (Greg) lives in Canada.
Marissa (24) is a student at Uni and lives at home, Anthony (25) is in the army and Callie (21) is a party girl.

Little Star (On my right thumb)
Anchor (Lower right arm)

Little tree (On my upper back)

Bird (Behind left ear)
Personality: Sweet, calm, smart, reckless, selfless and acts motherly to her friends.
Clothing style: whatever my mood is.
Originally from Watford but am now in London.
I have blondeish/brownish hair with crystal blue eyes.


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