Summer Paradise

2 normal girls on a month long beach vacation. What will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? Will there lives be turned upside down or will everything stay the same? If you wanna find out I suggest you to read this.
**********OFF MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT**********


4. Sport Car & Beach House


Toni P.O.V

I love Tiny's car it even has a SUNROOF!!! We have been driving for an hour now the CD has played twice now and my ass is hurting.
"how long now Des?" I questioned like a 4 year old
"not far you should be able to see the ocean soon"
I nearly jump out of my chair in excitement I love the beach!
I watch over the horizon to finally see the crystal blue water coming up overhead.
"OMG Tiny we are nearly here!!"
"I told you so"
The car comes to a stop at the traffic lights, that's when a sleek black sports car pulled up next to us 

The windows were all down to reveal 5 gorgeous looking guys.
"hey Destiny check those hoties out!"
She looks over
"Wow they are gorgeous, the one driving is so hot!"
The man driving had brown stylish hair with aviator sunglasses on.
"What do you think of the boy with the brown curls and the rayban sunnies?" 
She looks over and admires the guy.
"he is beautiful!"
That's when they all caught as looking, Destiny looks back at the lights while laughing. The traffic lights change to green the sports car zooms off. The boy with curls was gorgeous!!

Destiny's P.O.V

I pull up to my 'parents' beach house 
"Wow Chamber this house is incredible!"
I park the car in the garage, we both get out or suitcases and headed upstairs  
"Come on I'll give you a tour"
The hallway  then we pasted the lounge area then entered the kitchen then entered another set of stairs 
"This will be your room" 
The room was of course Destiny's favourite colours fluro pink and blue. I place my bags down and continued following Destiny 

"This will be my room in case you need anything during the night" 

Her room must of been her mums as it had a black and white theme.
"Wow Tiny everything is so white but I love it!"
"haha yeah I hate it being so white but you know my mum"
"yeah you mum is a very clean person"
We both laugh
"Go and unpack you things and get ready because we are going out for dinner tonight at 6:00"
"Are you serious? You expect me to unpack and get ready in three hours!" 
"Chill T" I laugh 
Before I could say any more Toni is already out of the room.

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