Summer Paradise

2 normal girls on a month long beach vacation. What will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? Will there lives be turned upside down or will everything stay the same? If you wanna find out I suggest you to read this.
**********OFF MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT**********


5. Restaurant & Clubbing (Destiny) (Toni)

Desiny P.O.V

"Come on Toni!" I yell I should of really warned her earlier about going out 
"Yeah yeah I'll be down in a minute"
I roll my eyes as I grab my clutch and take my Iphone off charge.
"Im ready" I hear Toni say from behind me I turn around to see her in this amazing American flag dress
"Haha you stole my style" I say while showing her my shoes 
"Well you do have good taste in fashion" She smiles
"Come on lets go"
Toni grabs her bag from the kitchen bench and follows my out to the garage.

Toni's P.O.V

We arrive at this very flash restaurant, this very cute waiter was at the door greeting people as they arrived. 
"Your name" He asked
"Destiny Chamber"
"Yes, I will show you to your table"
We both followed him inside the restaurant, the restaurant was fancier than I thought 
"Des this is so amazing"
The waiter showed us the table marked with Destiny's name on it.
"I know my family always come here, the food is fabulous"
After talking and talking we finally got our food. I take a bite out of my lasagna .
"This is really good!"
"See I told you"

~1 hour later~

Destiny's P.O.V

After having a massive argument I finally agreed for Toni to pay half of the cost.
"So what do you wanna do now?" I asked  Toni
"I don't know I don't want to go home yet"
"I know, come on"
We both hop in the car after driving for a while I pulled up in front of this night club. Everyone brags about it apparently its the best in the whole city.
"What are we doing here"
"We are going to have fun!" I says excitedly 
We both get out of the car and wait in the large line.
"This is one of the best night clubs around apparently" I informs her 

We finally get inside the music is so loud everyone was grinding on the dance floor. Mum would literally kill me if she found out I was here. 
"Toni where are you" I say as I looked around in the crowd to see a familiar face.
"I'm over her" I hear her call I finally see her at a empty booth.
I make my way over and take a seat next her.
"OMG Tiny, is that one of the boys that we saw in the car" Lil say 
I look over to see a blonde headed guy that looks quiet familiar.
"I think it is. OMG you should go over there and say hi to him
"why me?"
"Your more confident then me"
"No I'm not" 
I don't say anything I just look at her 
"Ok fine"
She stands up and walks over to the boy at the bar.


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