Summer Paradise

2 normal girls on a month long beach vacation. What will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? Will there lives be turned upside down or will everything stay the same? If you wanna find out I suggest you to read this.
**********OFF MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT**********


1. Destiny Chambers



Name: Destiny Anne Chambers (I know pretty weird name)
Age: 19
Nicknames: Des, Tiny, Sissy, Chamber
Birthday: 25th March
Lives: I have been living in the UK all my life but have just recently moved to London from Selby.
Likes: Love the beach, sunglasses, tattoos, wolves, parties & music
Dislikes: Bugs, hangovers, drugs, smoking
Looks: Blonde hair (as seen in photo) and emerald green eyes
Family: My lovely mum Stephanie (works as a primary school music teacher) and the annoying twins Max and Taylor (aged 15)

Dreamer (on my right wrist)
Howling Wolf (on my left lower arm)
Music Notes (behind right ear)
Anchor (on my upper back)

And finally Roses (on the bottom on my back)

Personality: insecure but when I get to know you I am fricken crazy! I am also friendly, caring
Clothing Style: mostly casual/beachy I absolutely love wearing my converses
Pets: a German Shepard named Bundy and a Labrador puppy named Sassy




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