My lifesaver

Jamie is a fostered teenager by a family who hates her. Her foster mother physically abused her , making Jamie run away, what will happen when a stranger saves her from her death bed ? Who is it? And what will happen?


1. why am I still here?

hey I'm Jamie I'm a fostered teenager to a family that absolutely hates me. They treat me as there slave and I get abused by my foster mum, nothing good happens that's until I got saved....


"why am I still here?" I'm sick of this question popping up in my head every single night, but the truth is I  don't even no the answer to that question. Well I gues-- no! I don't even know. Ever since I can remember I've been bullied, abused, forgotten and called every bad word under the sun! I always get told to kill my self but to be honest that doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Like seriously what's the point in living anymore? For one I'm fostered to a family that absolutely hate me, I've been dragged out to live on the streets but they always make me come back! Like what the hell? I think its something to do with punishment or something? But I would rather live on the streets then live here in this nightmare! 


here we go again, my foster sisters are listening to that crap band. What's it called? Oh yes one direction, I don't even like them. 

-- ok I lied, I absolutely adore them! They are my inspiration, yeah I know what I said but to my foster sisters Angela and Melinda I'm not even allowed to like them. They tell me only "pretty girls can like them" what's does that even mean? There a band for the whole world making music and directioners scream not for just 'pretty girls'. So I guess its a crime to even like them. I've never been to one of their concerts but it would be my dream! Of course Angela and Melinda have they went to the 'up all night' tour and the 'take me home tour' but was I allowed to go? NO! I would kill to go see them in concert, I'm obsessed with them. Have you ever got that feeling you wanna do something or see something so much it kills when you can't? That's what I feel like. All I want is to live free but instead I'm being treated like a slave. 

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