My lifesaver

Jamie is a fostered teenager by a family who hates her. Her foster mother physically abused her , making Jamie run away, what will happen when a stranger saves her from her death bed ? Who is it? And what will happen?


10. my first kiss

our lips seperated as he opened his eyes and i opened mine. we were both smiling at each other and i had butterflys all through my body this was my ever first kiss and it was with him. i started to blush, have i got feelings for him? do i like him? does he like me?

"thankyou" he said

"for what?"

"everything" he gave me smile and stood up, he put out his hand and i grabbed it.

"come on, the pizza should be on its way"

we walked downstairs still holding hands and then we slowly seperated as we got closer to the kitchen where the boys were.

"pizza should be here in about 15" niall said

"ok" i said happily, i was so happy right now words could not explain it.

"lets go watch a movie while we wait" liam suggested

we all piled into the theatre room and sat on the recliners. i sat down and then harry sat next to me. he grabbed my hand and helded it.

"so what movie?" louis said

"the last song!" i yelled "its my favourite movie" i said with a massive smile

the boys all groaned and then said fine.

the pizza guy came about 10 minutes after it started. niall went to go get them and he came back with six boxes again so we all got one each.

it was about 2:00am and we watched about 8 movies we were all practially dosing off so we all decided to go to bed. harry and i follwed each other upstairs to my room, he tucked me in and gave me a kiss goodnight on the forehead and walked out. i fell asleep with a massive smile on my face.



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