My lifesaver

Jamie is a fostered teenager by a family who hates her. Her foster mother physically abused her , making Jamie run away, what will happen when a stranger saves her from her death bed ? Who is it? And what will happen?


18. another nightmare

its been a long night and it was getting late. We were watching Ted and most of us were dosing off. 

"I'm gonna go to bed" Louis said sleeply. 

"yeah, me to" liam followed Louis upstairs and zyan went not long after. It was harry, niall and I left but niall went up 20 minutes later so it was just me and harry alone. He looked at me and I looked at him and before I knew it, we were kissing and hugging. 

"lets go to bed harry I'm tired" I said 

"ok" he turned the tv off and we raced each other upstairs . We must of been really loud because all the boys yelled at us. We got to Harry's room, 

"you sleeping with me tonight?" he said begging me in a way. 

"ok" I said chuckling on how cute he looked. 

we got into bed, I was so tired I practically fell asleep on harry. 


later that night I had the same nightmare about my foster mum she was still coming after me with a gun I was screaming but nobody could hear me again, this time there was a person with me I didn't know who it was and I couldn't figure it out. I was awoken by someone shaking me. I woke up to harry looking at me with worried eyes I bursted out in tears I was so scared but I didn't know why I was, it was only a dream. Then why was I so frighten. Harry grabed with full force and pulled me into his arms. 

"I had the same nightmare" I told harry sobbing 

"its ok, it was only just a dream" harry said comforting me 

"it wasnt, it was real" 

"honey, it was a dream your safe now" I cried harder at the thought . Why was I so scared ? She wasn't in my life anymore but why does she keep coming back?



I got woken up by Jamie screaming in her sleep, I was so worried and scared so I tried shaking her to wake her but when I did her eyes were fill of fright and she started crying. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed her and hugged her to let her know that I was here for her. She told me that she had the same nightmare but there was some one with her this time. She said she didn't know who



I didn't want to go back to sleep I was to frighten , I was still holding harry tight I didn't want to let him

 go. He tried calming me down but it wasn't really working I still had the same scene in my head it wouldn't go away I tried so hard to get it out of my head but no matter how hard I tried it just kept coming back. 

harry decided to put on a movie to try and make me go back to sleep but the thing is I didn't want to. Ididn't want to dream about it again once was just horrible but twice it was indescribable . 


Jamie fell asleep about 2 hours later. I couldn't get to sleep I was to worried about her. Why was she having nightmares about her foster mum and why has she dreamt about it twice? I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. 

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