My lifesaver

Jamie is a fostered teenager by a family who hates her. Her foster mother physically abused her , making Jamie run away, what will happen when a stranger saves her from her death bed ? Who is it? And what will happen?


7. Already feels like home

i was inspecting my room and i couldnt believe how amazing it was ive never been in a room like this. it had a king size bed, massive flat screen tv, uge walk in wardrobe and i have my very own ensuite. my thoughts got interrupted by someone knocking at the door.

"come in" i said happily

"hey how are you settling in?" harry handed me a pair of his sweatpants and a jumper.

"i love it here, it already feels like home and ive only been here for like 1 hour, everyone is just so welcoming, i guess im trying to say. thankyou harry"

"your welcome jamie your a lovely and beautiful girl and im glad you like it here and whatever is mine is yours "

he handed me a towel "here go have a shower and take it easy"

he lefted my room and shouted from outside the door

"dinner ready in 15!"

i chuckled to myself as i turned on the shower.


Harry's P.O.V

i walked dowstairs to the kitchen to see the boys ordering pizza. i couldnt get jamie out of my head , shes beautiful and amazing and i cant belevie how she was treated.

"so how is she?" louis asked

"shes good, shes in the shower"

"so how long is she here for?" zyan asked

"as long as she needs to be, is that ok?"

all the boys nooded in agreement.

"she seems like a lovely girl" liam added

"i can see us getting along real good" niall said

i gave him a smirk.

"so how many pizzas did you order?" i asked

"six" niall said

everyone looked at him shocked

"im hungry!" he said and we all laughed.

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