My lifesaver

Jamie is a fostered teenager by a family who hates her. Her foster mother physically abused her , making Jamie run away, what will happen when a stranger saves her from her death bed ? Who is it? And what will happen?


4. A little bit of luck

i wake up, but my eyes are still close, I feel less pain, I'm dry, warm and in went feels like a bed. I move my hands around trying to figure out where I am. Then all of a sudden I hear a voice..

"hello I'm harry, how are you feeling?"

harry? Where have I heard that name before? I think for a moment but I can't remember. I decide to open my eyes and I see a guy with sparkling green eyes, black curly hair and the most cutiest smile looking down at me. I rub my eyes is confusion.

"where am i?" I asked him

"your in the hospital, after I found lying on the ground soaking went and what looked like your death bed, I stopped and picked you up and rushed you to the hospital. You have been in a comar for 2 days"

I was horrified, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"have you been here all this time?" I asked him. Unbelievably he nodded.

"yep" he said it like it was no big deal, but it was, he saved me from dieing.

"I don't know how to thank you, you saved my life"

"nah, I just helped you, I wouldn't be the only person to stopped and help someone on the side of the road"

"no, but seriously if it was for you I would be, you know dead"

"well your very welcome, its not like I would leave someone on the side of the road to die"

I giggle a bit and he smiles at me.

"so what did you say your name was?"

"harry, harry styles"

and then I realise he it was.. I scream

"your harry styles, from one direction!" I squeal but not to loud

"your my inspiration, my role model, I look up to you and and and I'm a massive fan!"

I heard him giggle

"thank you hehe" he said.I was so speechless, I was just so happy and unbelievable !

"so wants your name?" I heard him say

"Jamie" I say

"I like your name" he says with a smile. I giggle.

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