Magic Woman (a One Direction and Reed Deming fanfiction)

Tess, Halie, Magie and Alicia are best friends. What happens when Alicia gets a boyfriend? Will they be BFFs anymore? What happens when Tess and Halie are in love with the same guy? Will there frendship last? What happens when the guys fight over the girls? Will they be best guy friends anymore? Reed to find out more.....(lol u see what i did there?!) lol so this is my first fanfic and i have no idea where this is going buttttt here i am trying to write one lol....peace out girl scout ❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️-Amanda


1. Info about stuff...

Hey guys so this is my first fanfic ever sooooo...yeahh not that good at writing...and sorry is i spell anything wronge in advanced im on my ipad :). So i will be updateing almost every day byeeeee.......peace out girl scout......seyalls l8ter :D ps. I might have my friends help me co-write.....byeee

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