The necklaces have been here for over thousands of years. But so have my kind of people, but we must stay hidden. We must not show our powers outside high school. We must escape this world.


15. Paragraph XIII

Slowly my eyes start to drift, and my mind starts to dream, finally I know I’m asleep. I most certainly did not dream of fairies and sugarplums, sadly my dream, was a nightmare.

“No!!” I screamed on the top of my lungs. They had found me, the hospital gave us up. After government officials took us, we had tests,so many tests. Eventually I had been locked in a cage for three weeks. I wanted out, I NEEDED out. The next day they woke me, and took me to a all white room. They asked me to shapeshift, and I cooperated for my sake, they gave me a shot while I was a mouse. Soon they asked me to change back, I couldn’t. I squeaked! They picked me up and I bit them, they turned me back once I blacked out, and I fought, screaming. “NO! You will never use us as a weapon! No one will cooperate. They had a gun pointed at me.

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