The necklaces have been here for over thousands of years. But so have my kind of people, but we must stay hidden. We must not show our powers outside high school. We must escape this world.


14. Paragraph XII

So we went to our hotel and gossiped about our matches up until midnight. Then we went to sleep. The next day I got my ticket, I was going to New Zealand! I have only dreamed of going there. Once all packed, the “Brinnon’s” left for the airport. I got on the plane, we took off, and I fell asleep. My partner next to me happened to be my match. Once we arrived he woke me up and we went to our hotel rooms. Tomorrow I will get to learn about him, where he lives, what he likes. Then we choose a town, in America, to live in, we move together,and eventually we have to get married. But we won’t be choosing. We will be leaving, escaping from our U.S. government. Because they want us we have to leave. My parents, and hopefully him and his family, will all escape.

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