The necklaces have been here for over thousands of years. But so have my kind of people, but we must stay hidden. We must not show our powers outside high school. We must escape this world.


8. Paragraph VI

About 10 minutes of eating I get ready for school. Last day, so I throw on my Nirvana outfit. My Nirvana face t-shirt, dark grey jeans, smiley sneakers, yellow fringe backpack, and my “butter” colored nail polish. Then I pack my bag and walk out the door, after saying bye to mum. The bus is a hovering bus, but I love my hoverboard, a fading baby blue board. So I leave, often I race the bus, with my friends Azura and Ignatia (also shapeshifters), cheering me on. We all have unique names here, no one knows why, but we are the only ones with the, of what I think, are crazy names.

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