The necklaces have been here for over thousands of years. But so have my kind of people, but we must stay hidden. We must not show our powers outside high school. We must escape this world.


11. Paragraph IX

After school, Azura, Ignitia, and I got our bags and left for Nebraska, all ready to meet our match. All of us took our necklaces out on the plane. Azura had a sun, which she said represented the blue sky, which matched her name. Ignitia had a flame, which matched her name meaning of fiery. We landed, since there were 7 of us who turned or are soon turning 18, we got a limo just for the high schoolers from Brinnon! We all had to wear dresses, mine was a short, strapless, dark blue, ruffled at the skirt, and flowered at the middle dress. Also wearing black shoes and curled hair with a black bow. Everyone else got dressed and went to the ballroom. All necklaces were either hidden or taken off.

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