The necklaces have been here for over thousands of years. But so have my kind of people, but we must stay hidden. We must not show our powers outside high school. We must escape this world.


5. Paragraph IV

I ran down stairs where mom had made me french toast before the last day of high school. You could say I have a pretty normal high school besides the fact that I’m a shapeshifter. I go to ODDS HIGH SCHOOL for people like me, along with vamps, werewolves, fairies, and zombies (gross, I know). All of them do look like humans, zombies use a lot of make up. Everyone has been escaping since the government announced they wanted my people. None of us have been caught, yet.  Normals don’t know were there but we are still part of our city and have necklaces still. The only people that know about us is my family and the hospital. All of us are immune to everything and were immortal, along with our partners. Hospitals are paid a lot of money not to tell the government where we are because we are wanted for testing. You would think they would still give us away but they haven’t yet. Going to school with them is even harder especially because some of us are slower than others; I’m not trying to point anyone out but they are slow to every class. I can shapeshift into birds and small mammals, I normally do a cute little mouse. Here magic is real, and I know how to use it, well, learning anyway. My dad is a wizard and he is teaching me.

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