Save You (16+)

We were on the plane to Mexico for a concert. After performing, Harry spots an auction and is interested to go see what they got. Walking in there were signs in Spanish not understanding a word. We end up being in a girl auction smelling like beer and old men laughing. "Going once! Going twice... Alright she's dead!" an old man screamed holding the last girl standing... "SOLD!" Louis screamed shaking. All the boys looked at me like I was crazy and the men gasped wondering why a young white guy like me would buy a girl. I wanted to save her. She was going to die..


9. Chapter 9

A/n: Hey it's Salma updating! (Aka im_so_fabuLOUIS) Isn't Demy great? Hah check out her movella, Little White Lies. It's great and has like 7k views!! Anyways...enjoy this chapiee. ♥♡♥ luv you.


Chapter 9 

I sat on the bed across from the TV and flipped through the channels. I came across Criminal Minds and just left it. Emma was sitting on a chair. The thoughts of taking her to the UK swam through my mind while I stare at her beauty. I should. But maybe she should just stay with her mom. Thoughts snapped out when I notice her smirking.

"What?" I ask.

"You're adorable. Stop staring!" She laughs.

My face warms up.

We keep watching for a while until I notice her shivering. 

"Hey you can sit here if you want." I say tapping on the empty space beside me on the bed.

"Ya sure?" She asks.

"I won't bite. You look cold, you need some blankets." I say.

She chuckles, "okay, thanks...Lou." she says.

Then an awkward silence grows from how she called me Lou. 

We watched until a scary part came. I noticed her scooting closer.

I had this huge desire to just put my arms around her to cuddle and make her feel safe, so I do. She looks at me and our eyes lock gazes at each other. Her eyes motion to my lips then my eyes.  I look at her soft baby lips too and bite my lip. I turn off the TV from  the remote with one hand and the other hand lifting up Emma's chin. Our lips met my body slightly hovering over hers as she laid back I propped myself up on my forearms and elbows I looked down at Emma. She tilted her head up, Brushing her lips against mine she moved her legs under mine. I sunk between them as she wrapped them around my hips. She placed one hand on my chest the other was softly stroking my face with her fingertips. I closed my eyes, this felt like heaven on earth. 

"Louis.." She said placing her fingers under my chin aggressively pulling it up, I opened my eyes 

"Yeah?" I said 

"I want you to make love to me." She said

"You what?" I asked 

"I want you to have sex with me." She said I smirked

"What sorry.. I can't hear you" I said cupping my ear. 

"Don't be an ass. I seriously want you to." she said 

"You're sure?" I asked

"Just take your shirt off." She commanded. I did as I was told, Tossing it to the side I nudged my head to her. 

She arched her back to make it easier for me to get it off of her. I immediately placed delicate kisses on her neck. 

"Stop being so gentle. I want you to actually have sex with me. This isn't my first time. Be a man." She said I looked at her and raised my brows. Taking my bottom lip between my teeth I chuckled 

"Be a man?" I said she nodded 

"You heard me correctly." She said 

"Now this is going to be fun." I smirked. 

I put my head back down leaving quick breathless kisses on Emma's body, From her neck all the way down between her breasts and down the middle of her stomach. I stopped at the waist band of her pants. 

She bit the tip of her finger, I smirked and pulled her pants off in one quick, rough and swift movement. I kissed her thighs, Her bright pink panties still on. I left small hickeys around her stomach and on her thighs. 

She sat up and pulled me back to her. She kissed my lips and then flipped me over straddling my waist. 

"Seductive, But slow. I want you to be more fast." She said I smirked 

"I see.. You want a quick and dirty?" she shook her head. 

"I don't want you to be gentle like it's my first time. I've done this before." She said I chuckled 

"Well obviously." I said 

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked crossing her arms. 

"You're drop dead sexy. Of course you've had sex." I said she smirked and laughed 

"But never.. Have I been with a famous guy." She said 

"Don't worry. My next GQ interview I'll be talking all about this moment." I joked she rolled her eyes.

"Don't get moody missy." I said 

"You're not the boss of me." She said I rolled over Laying on top of her. 

"Actually I am. Remember that one time in Mexico when-" 

"Just shut up and kiss me." she cuts me off, roughly kissing me she fumbles with the button on my jeans. 

"Nervous fingers?" I chuckled 

"Don't get cocky." She warned I stuck my tongue out at her. 


The last of our clothing was stripped off. I flung her panties across the room. 

"Can't you be serious for one second?" She questioned 

"Please. Serious is my middle name." I said she raised her brows

"Yeah, Okaaay." She said I shook my head and leaned down kissing her neck.  When she least expected it I pushed in she gasped and grabbed at my back. Her moans were un-controlled and sloppy. She squeezed around my waist with her legs and was surely leaving scratch marks on my back. I felt the tingle of each scratch mark. I kissed her neck as she was breathing heavily. 

"Louis" She moaned my name lowly I kissed her neck slower. She ran her finger tips against my back muscles. She dug her nails into my back really deep, so deep I winced. 


We got interrupted by my phone ringing. I grabed my phone answered it. Emma furrowed her brows. 

"Hey harry." I answered the phone.

"Yeah, are you still in New York? Cuz' we really need you back. Lottie went out with some friends and never came back. Did your mom call and told you already?" He said.

"What?! Lottie is so stupid I swear. Did you guys check with all of her friends? Did you call the police or something?" I asked. 

Emma's eyes went wide open.

"Yeah they're searching.  None of her friends know where she is." He said.

"You know what, I'm on my way." I firmly said.

I grabbed my clothes and slippdd them on and tossed Emma hers.

"What happened?" She asked while putting her clothes on.

"Lottie. She always goes out without permission. This time she never came back." I said.

"Young teenage sister huh?" She smirked.

"Young stupid sister. Ok well I'm going back to the UK. "

There Was silence then I added, "and you're coming with me."

She smiled and we grabbed our stuff and left.


A.N: hey guys! Give props to Demy for the awsome seductive scene! Hah lol like, comment, and fav for next chappie.  Thanks babes! ♡

- Salma :)






















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