Save You (16+)

We were on the plane to Mexico for a concert. After performing, Harry spots an auction and is interested to go see what they got. Walking in there were signs in Spanish not understanding a word. We end up being in a girl auction smelling like beer and old men laughing. "Going once! Going twice... Alright she's dead!" an old man screamed holding the last girl standing... "SOLD!" Louis screamed shaking. All the boys looked at me like I was crazy and the men gasped wondering why a young white guy like me would buy a girl. I wanted to save her. She was going to die..


7. Chapter 7

  I can't. I can't do anything to her, I really am falling in love with her. So maybe if I am perfect, and great to her, she will love me back. I know it sounds stupid. 

We got to my place and she sat down on the couch to sob.

I walked over and sat beside her.

"Shhhh, don't cry beautiful. I never hurt you and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Physically. " I said.  Stroking her back gently.

She kept crying. "Would you like to do something fun or go out or something?" I asked.

She nodded. "Okay." 

Yes! "Okay wear anything you like to in the extra room, I left you clothes.  Don't worry, nothing slutty..maybe." I smirked.

Ten minutes later she came back. Super hot my mouth just hung open. "What?" She asked.

"You're hot." I said.

"Thanks." She chuckled.

"Shall we go eat somewhere nice?" I asked putting my arm around her waist.

"Like a date?" She growled.

"Whatever you'd like." I said. 

"Then McDonald's it is. Because usually dates don't go to McDonalds." She said.

"Yeah right. You just said that because you want a fat burger." Isaid and we laughed. She was actually happy.

We got there and I ordered for us. Then I sat back down where she was sitting to wait for our number to be called.

"Thank you Louis. " she put her hand over mine then quickly returned her hand back. 

"Whatever makes you happy. When you told your mom I was your boyfriend she seemed happy, wouldn't you be happy? Didn't you realize I didnt buy you because of sex and I just fell in love so I dont wanna take you back? Im a safe and nice guy. I'm a celebrity. If I ever did anything stupid then it would ruin my career. I wouldnt do any thing to you anyways." I smiled.

"I know..I guess I just never understood. Sorry Lou. Can I call you that?" She asked.

"Don't ask anthing anymore I dont own you. You have every right. To lea-" I wss going to say leave but our number got called up for our orders. I feel sick. I know I'm gonna loose her because I told her she can leave (well almost). And she can because it huurts me to see her sad. But she's different. She isn't the "I want" type. She is truthfully beautiful,  hardly any makeup. And shes quite funny.  Like me. But its time for me to let her go. I love her enough to do so.


A/n: Hey guys! I was looking at my movellas and I really wanted to make a new one but it didn't seem right if I already have one that nobody ever updates! So I, (I'm_so_fabuLOUIS), will be updating since Katelyn won't update. I don't know if I should just do the rest of the book because she is really busy with other movellas. But I need a new co author! Please comment on any of my books saying that you would do that. Or if you have a kik, kik me. My kik username is in my bio. I would love if someone would help me co author with this movella. I don't want it to go to waste. And, we can totally be like best friends! Lol. Thanks guys, love you.

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