Save You (16+)

We were on the plane to Mexico for a concert. After performing, Harry spots an auction and is interested to go see what they got. Walking in there were signs in Spanish not understanding a word. We end up being in a girl auction smelling like beer and old men laughing. "Going once! Going twice... Alright she's dead!" an old man screamed holding the last girl standing... "SOLD!" Louis screamed shaking. All the boys looked at me like I was crazy and the men gasped wondering why a young white guy like me would buy a girl. I wanted to save her. She was going to die..


4. Chapter 4

A/N: It's me again, Salma. Katelyn will hopefully be updating tomorrow..But we are doing the best we can!:) Love you, don't forget to comment and like and faves! ################################################################




Louis' POV


          I was in bed, alone. I just thought about how Emma and I are in love. I couldn't sleep and it was ten p.m. I walked down the hall to Emma's room to check on her. I could tell the light was on because the small crack on the bottom of her door. So I gently knocked on her door with the back of my knuckles.

"Emma, you awake?" I asked from the outside of her door waiting for her to open up.

All I heard was silence and wind coming from her window.

I slowly twisted the door knob and pushed the door open.

"Emma?!" I yelled outside her window. There was nobody and her window was up.

She was gone. I searched the whole house.



  I grabbed my jacket and quickly ran into my car and searched and searched for her. Everywhere. So I quickly called Liam to come with me to the airport, maybe she went there. 

"Where'd you think she went off, without money?" Liam asked as we were in the car and I was driving.

"I don't know..what if that bitch stole my money?" I worried.

"How would she find it?" Liam asked.

"Or..maybe she called the police.." I said ignoring his question.

"We'll have to send Niall and Harry to go to the police department." Liam said getting his phone out.

"Just let her go anyways, Louis, what you did was illegal." Liam said waiting for Niall to answer the phone.

"No! I spent my money, she loves me!" I yelled.

"No she doesn't. You bought her." He said.

"I saved her damn life." I argued.

"Well now its time to let her g-" He suddenly stopped talking when Niall finally answered.

"Yeah, Niall, go to the police station with Harry and see if Emma is there, we are at the airport now." Liam told Niall on the phone.


At the airport. 


I ran out of the car and into the huge building, bumping into people and their luggage. I read the time and countries where the plane is taking off. I read America and it was about to leave in three minutes! I ran to where United airlines was about to take off and saw Emma entering the airplane. I ran as fast as I could and yelled her name so loud so many times and everyone starred. She looked back at me but ran quicker inside the plane. It was too late before you know it she disappeared. She's gone and now I have to find a way to get her back. She lied. I know she's not in love. And now she's about to pay the price of the money she stole from me and the money I spent on her. She will pay. 

"It's gonna be ok, a love comes and a love goes, she will be happier now." Liam said stroking my back trying to make me feel better.

"No!" I yelled and pushed his arm away from me. I ran into the car and waited for Liam to get in. Then the car started and we left.





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