Save You (16+)

We were on the plane to Mexico for a concert. After performing, Harry spots an auction and is interested to go see what they got. Walking in there were signs in Spanish not understanding a word. We end up being in a girl auction smelling like beer and old men laughing. "Going once! Going twice... Alright she's dead!" an old man screamed holding the last girl standing... "SOLD!" Louis screamed shaking. All the boys looked at me like I was crazy and the men gasped wondering why a young white guy like me would buy a girl. I wanted to save her. She was going to die..


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three


As I sat there in the bar, on a bar stool drinking red wine, I watched and admired Emma, the way she walked and danced,having a great time. It's like she forgot all about the auction. She was elegant and sexy. Then she snapped me out of it and asked to dance.

"Sure. Thanks." I replied.

We talked over the loud music as we were grinding.

"You having fun?" I asked smiling.

"Yea, I guess. But you just reminded me again." She said, then she stopped dancing and sat down.

I followed her over.

"You want a drink?" I asked breaking the awkwardness.

"Nope. Thanks, I guess." She rolled her eyes again. Don't her eyes get tired from rolling them all the time?

"Look, your not leaving my sight after I just saved your ass and spent so much to do so!" I yelled over the loud music, dragging her by her wrist out of the bar.

"Okay, I get the point!" She yelled as we got outside.

"Then why are you so rude?" I asked her letting her wrist go.

"How am I supposed to be nice to a kidnapper? You stole me from my family!" Tears started to stream down her face and I gently stroked her wet cheek.

"I saved your life!" I reminded her.

"Yea, I know but you won't take me back home!" She argued.

"It's because, because, erm, uh, beca-" I gave up and stopped talking.

"Because what?" She asked while we were standing in the parking lot.

"I'm in love with you." I finally admitted.

"Oh.." She said looking down playing with her feet.

"I know you hate me." I said looking at her.

"No, I don't.... I-" She stopped. Then tip toed to kiss me.

"Wow, impressive." We laughed. Our arms linked.

"Shall we?" I said getting into my car.

(Emma's POV)

Fuck. I just lied to him. Of course I don't love him and now I still taste red wine from his lips. Gross. Maybe this will help me get away and ditch him. I don't know.. Ugh we'll just have to wait and see.


A/N: Hey lovlies... It's Salma (a.k.a i'm_so_fabuLOUIS) AGAIN. Katelyn (Hary1Dforever) Is super ya! You guys like my updates? Please let me know my commenting and like and fav..also check out my sexy book "I need your love" btw, it has MATURE CONTENT so ya! Enjoy... I love you guys!!!

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