Its Time


What happens when you see your best friend after along time?


1. Intro

My name is Destiny. But people call me either D, Des, Tiny (long story!!), DD. I have brown wavy hair with natural highlights. Im in a relationship with this boy names Mason. I truly love him! My best friend is Liam Payne. Well used too. He moved to the X-Factor studios without saying bye!! I was devistated. But i moved on. I have a new best friend Michelle. She has CURLY blond hair and always has been there for me! Also Mason of course he has brown hair and ABBS!!! Then there is Abby my annoying little sister, but I love her. Should I mention she is obsessed with One Direction? When I say obsessed I mean OBSESSED!! So thats what I mean by annoying.


I know short chapter will post another one in a few minutes

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