Its Time


What happens when you see your best friend after along time?


2. Concert part 1


I should mention most of this but for this chapter its Destiny's POV. Onwards with the story!!!

And Mason is her boyfriend


"Destiny you have to ho with your little sister tonight." My parent state

"Where i thought I was grounded?" I questioned. I got grounded because i through a party at my parents mansion and didnt bother clean. They dont care what I do I just have to clean up my mess. I know HORRIBLE parents.

"Exactly thats why. And I bet you could guess what concert your taking her to. By the way its front row tickets!" They try to sound exited but that ruins my night!

"What?! Can i at least bring Michelle?"

"Ya sure whatever"

As usual back on there phones


"Come on hurry up. If you dont speed up then we are going to miss the concert!" Abby hurried me

"Exactly thats why im taking my time." I hiss. Abby grouns


"Des hurry!" I pout

"Look ill hurry but you have to shut up about our little boy band after I take you to this concert, Deal?" I try

"Deal but at least I didnt get forgotten by Liam!"

"You did you little brat" at least that made her shut up.


Liam's POV

I'm not really in the mood for the concert. This break up with Dani has been hard. Paul and the boys dragged me here

Hey girl I'm waiting in ya I'm waiting on ya so come on and let me sneak you out...

When I looked into the crowd I saw someone so familiar...

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