Bestfriends? More like not

Sabrina Thompson and her two bestfriends are walking the streets of London when she bumps into.... ONE DIRECTION what will happen? will her and her old bestfriend become friends again? you will just have to read to find out :)


2. You again?

"Hey guys let's go into Starbucks i see Justin and Austin!" Nic said. Justin and Austin are our best guy friends. 

"Hey guys" We all said in unison. 

"Hahaha" we all laughed. 

After we stopped laughing, Justin asked "So why are you girls here?" 

"Well somebody mentioned Louis so i had to get rid of my feelings by coming to Starbucks!" i said and looking directly at Katie when i said somebody.

"Umm guys speaking of Louis.... there's One Direction" Austin said. 

"F**k" i said. 

"Come on you need to talk to him sometime" Katie said. 

"How bout we walk around the park and pretend to not notice them?" Justin said.

"I like that idea!" i said

We all walked out of Starbucks. Then we heard a faint voice yelling my old nickname Sabby. 

"Who is that?" Nic asked.

"Is that Louis Tomlinson?" Katie said.

"Yeah I think that is." Austin said. 

I turned around and sure enough there were 5 boys running out way and they turned out to be One Direction.  

"Are you Sabrina Thompson?" i think Zayn asked.

"Um..." i started to say but got cut off by Justin saying "look guys we really have to go can we chat later?" 

"It will only take a second I promise" Neil, I mean Niall said. 

"What do you want?" i said kinda annoyed

"Can i have your number and catch up with you?" Louis said from behind all of them.

"Fine" I said i typed in my number and then walked away with Justin walking right next to me.


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