Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 and I live with my abusive father since my mom died from Cancer. What happens when I escape my father? Read to find out!!!


8. 6

Me and Zayn walk in the house to see diapers everywhere. “Niall! Louis! Harry! Liam! Come here right now!” I yelled. They all rushed in the roo. “Is it that fucking hard to change a diaper?” “We all tried a couple times, but we couldn’t do it. Louis is the one who threw them everywhere.” Niall broke. He knows what I’m capable of, but the others don’t. So me and Niall are going to be the last ones awake to prank the boys. “I did not. It was Harry. I had nothing to do with it.” Well that’s one person to prank. “No, it was Liam.” Harry said. That’s two people. “I never lie. Ask Niall and Zayn. I was Harry and Louis.” Liam protested. “Niall, Zayn? Does Liam ever lie?” I asked. “No” they said in unison. I nodded. “Me and you are staying up after everybody so I can change Daisy, and we can prank the boys.” I told Niall in his mind. All he did was nod and smirk. “What are you smirking about, Nialler?” Louis asked him. “Nothing. Nothing at all Louis.” he told him. We all walked in the living room, Niall handed me Daisy to change her. I took her upstairs, and Niall followed. “I guess I will do this now so we have more time to prank the boys. Plus I still haven’t fed tonight” I told him. He nodded. “Watch out in the hall for anybody. Just knock on the door if somebody comes by.” I told him. He walked out into the hall, and shut the door behind him. I grabbed Daisy, and bit her neck. I sucked just enough blood to turn her into a vampire. I put her down in her crib while her transformation started. “Niall!” I yelled with a huge smile on my face. He walked in, closed the door, and walked to me to watch Daisy’s transformation. After about five minutes Daisy opened her Bright Red colored eyes. “It’s done.” Niall said with a smile also on his face. Daisy’s eyes turned back to their normal pretty Blue eyes. Her eyes weren’t like mine and Niall’s, but like Louis’ eyes. “Now time for PRANK PLANNING!” I said all excitedly. “Okay, Okay.” Niall said. “So for Harry we will straighten his hair, and take all of his phones. Take all the carrots out of the house to prank Louis. Zayn we will take all of his morrors and hair products. What can we do for Liam?” I said/asked. “We can take Liam’s dog Loki. All of the stuff we are taking will be put in here. They won’t look here because you’re a girl.” Niall said laughing. “Let’s go downstairs so the don’t suspect anything.” We walked down to the living room to see Liam the only one in there. “Where are the others?” Niall asked hi. “They are asleep. Why aren’t you two asleep?” Liam said/asked. “We aren’t tired.” I snapped at him with an annoied look on my face. Niall shot me the “Calm Down” look. “Why aren’t you asleep?” Niall asked Liam. “I was just about to head up there now.” Ugh. Liam makes me sick to my stomach. “Goodnight, Liam.” Niall said. “Night Niall and France.” he said, but I didn’t say anything. He walked upstairs. “It takes him about five minutes to fall asleep.” Niall said. “Well we can start on the others, and when he is asleep we can prank him.” I told my twin brother. We walked to every fridge in the house, and took all the carrots. We took themto my room. We walked into Zayn’s room. Niall grabbed all of the hair products while I got all of his mirrors. We also grabbed every other mirror in the house. That stuff also went into my room. I walked into Harry’s room and straightened his hair. When I was done I went to my room to see Niall in there with Loki. “The pranking is done!” I yelled. Now we just got to wait for them to wake up.


A/N: Hey people. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been busy with my family. I hope this chapter will make up for it. France is getting their last names changed, getting a tattoo, and now Daisy is a vampire. Tell me what you think about it. 

XOXO Tomhi!

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